Words To Live By

Growing up, I think many of us had some sort of journal or diary. I remember looking back and reading my old entries, thinking about how much I’ve changed and evolved. Today, in the digital age, there are endless ways to express yourself and instantly document it. But I’ve always encouraged others to start a blog because it’s one of these great outlets for your thoughts, ideas, interests, and creative juices to flow. So I decided that it’s finally time to practice what I preach!

Not only is this concept of “following your own advice” applicable to my starting a new blog but also in everyday life. The way we give input or offer guidance in others’ lives is something we shouldn’t take lightly. The things we say should be words to live by.

If we say it, we should mean it.

So here goes! Feel free to tag along in my occasional journeys in life, travel, food, and plenty of other fun stuff. You’ll find updates all across the board: right here and all my social media platforms.

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