Spotlight: KSGeekMan (Ben AbuSaada)

Today’s Spotlight is on a fantastic artist, musician, and Star Wars collector.

Ben AbuSaada, or KSGeekMan, is an artist in the Kansas City region who freelances and also sketches for trading card giants Topps and Upper Deck Entertainment. You can catch him at local comic cons for his art but he’s also got an amazing collection of Hot Toys, ArtFX, and Hasbro figures, as well as a passion for comic books!

I came across Ben’s page on Instagram a few years ago and absolutely loved his art style and diverse Star Wars collection – “Geek Man” indeed! And once I found out that he was a fellow musician as well… needless to say, I knew he had to get a proper #LesDudisSpotlight! So let’s check out some of KSGeekMan’s work and a short Q&A with Ben himself at the end of this Spotlight:

Topps Star Wars

Ben officially draws sketch cards for Topps for many of their recent Star Wars lines: A New Hope Black & White, Masterwork 2018, The Last Jedi, Journey To The Last Jedi, Galactic Files, and the list goes on…

He also draws for the Topps Walking Dead line.

Upper Deck Cards

You can also see some of Ben’s recent work on Upper Deck’s Thor Ragnarok set. I think these cards look great in their own way and stand apart from Topps’ sketch cards. Check out this one he did of Odinson himself:

Prints, Commissions & Sketch Covers

You may be lucky enough to pull one of Ben’s cards in a pack. But if you can’t wait for that, you can always check out his Etsy store! There you might see a few AP’s (Artist Proof) but it’s also the best place to submit your commission request for a sketch card or comic book sketch cover… or to order yourself a Kansas City Comic Con Exclusive “Boba Fett Mandolorian Print” with remarque!

Just look at those possibilities!

My personal favorites are the ones I have in my own collection. One is a Rogue One K-2SO (non-Topps) B&W sketch card and the other is a 40th Anniversary Obi-Wan Kenobi sketch card.

And even though Ben excels at Star Wars/comic art, he surely isn’t limited to it! Just check out his Breaking Bad, Lord Of The Rings, and G.I. Joe cards!

Stories, Raffles & Giveaways

Lastly, Ben also runs all sorts of great deals across his social media platforms – from polls to giveaways to cheap raffles, you might find yourself gaining a few awesome pieces for your own collection! Vote for your favorite trilogy, score a free Black Series figure, or win a Hot Toys collectible for next to nothing!

And who knows? Maybe you’ll find that collectible you’ve been after for a year right on his Instagram store, @GeekFlagFly!

Let’s take a moment to get to know Ben!

Who or what inspired you to become an artist?
My grandfather was an artist, and my mom. Growing up, she always encouraged me in my creativity. She was great at inspiring me and pushing me to be better. More recently, artist Todd Aaron Smith befriended me and gave me tips and invested in my art journey. He’s a fantastic artist who worked on Batman The Animated Series in the 90’s.

Who is the biggest supporter of your work?
My wife. She has given me encouragement and freedom to pursue the side hustle, spending lots of evenings in the art studio.

Do you currently have a favorite comic book series?
I have been enjoying the Darth Vader series, Daredevil and Old Man Logan.

What helps you get the creative juices flowing?
I like perusing fellow artists on YouTube, Instagram and other social media outlets. Just seeing what others are doing inspires me.

If you could pick just one project/piece that you’re most proud of, what would it be?
That would have to be some of the cards I did for the Topps Masterwork series. I explored some different mediums and was super pleased with the results.

When you’re not drawing, what do you like to do?
I love singing and playing guitar. Watching my three daughters with my wife doing their various hobbies (volleyball, singing and theater).

Could you share any advice for aspiring creators out there?
One thing I applied to myself, accept criticism. Be sure to keep your skin thick. Seek out and receive valuable input from people doing exactly what you aspire to do. Be humble, don’t think you have it all figured out, and definitely don’t act like you have it all figured out. Find those one or two voices that you can trust and let them give you feedback. When something isn’t working, pause and come back to it later with fresh eyes.

That’s amazing, Ben. Thanks so much for sharing!


Where to follow KSGeekMan: Instagram || Etsy || Twitter || Facebook


Star Wars: Galactic Nights Premiere (Disney’s Hollywood Studios, April 14, 2017)

I had the honor of attending Disney’s first ever Star Wars: Galactic Nights at their Orlando Hollywood Studios on April 14, 2017. Coincidentally, it overlapped with Star Wars Celebration at the Orange County Convention Center which I also attended, so the Force was very strong that weekend!

Galactic Nights is a single night event taking over the entire Hollywood Studios park, transforming the area into one giant Star Wars attraction! Since it was the galaxy debut, no one knew what to expect with the $129 admission… except for:

  • Rebel Base Activities – The Rebel Base will serve as the event hub with multiple events, hosted shows, Star Wars dance parties and more taking place in the center of the park.
  • Watch “Inside the Saga: Celebrity Chat Show” – Catch a celebrity chat show in Epic Theater to learn more about the making of Star Wars films.
  • Can’t-miss Star Wars photo ops – iconic Star Wars backdrops including Han Solo in carbonite, Jabba the Hutt’s Palace, the Hoth Wampa Cave and more.
  • Stars in Cars Motorcade – This procession will welcome in Star Wars celebrities down Hollywood Blvd.
  • Imperial March & March of the First Order – Darth Vader will lead a battalion of stormtroopers on a dramatic march down Hollywood Blvd to the Event Stage. Captain Phasma will also lead a unit of First Order stormtroopers through the park, pausing to give a demonstration of power and strength.
  • “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” – Watch high-energy clips of the best moments from the film saga juxtaposed with character moments on stage, featuring Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and more.
  • “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular” – The skies will come alive with the power of the Force, as the park’s popular Star Wars-themed nighttime spectacular lights up the night.
  • Seize the Saga Interactive Scavenger Hunt – Event Guests are challenged to collect Star Wars themed pieces at the photo backdrops throughout the park, revealing a surprise when all items have been collected.

Here’s a glimpse of the Star Wars themed pieces referred above:

Each piece puts together a mini poster on the back of your badge to reveal a collage of all the Star Wars film (to date), and when placed under a special light during the fireworks spectacular, reveals a special message: Celebrating 40 Years, May The Force Be With You.

The event was truly special because only special ticket holders could stay in the park for the event as others were escorted out. And though the night was short, it was a very packed schedule. Starting with the Motorcade, a slew of Star Wars celebrities drove down Hollywood Blvd. including Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Warwick Davis (Wicket), Ray Park (Darth Maul), Alan Tudyk (K-2SO), Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett), and Andi Gutierrez & Anthony Carboni from the Star Wars Show.

That led to this epic photo op:

If you’ve never experienced Star Wars Weekends (when it was around) and can’t afford to attend Star Wars Celebration, I highly recommend Star Wars: Galactic Nights. It’s just a fun-filled time with elements that make you feel like a part of the Star Wars universe! I mean, check out some of this amazing Star Wars themed food:

And what’s unique to Star Wars: Galactic Nights that you can’t find at conventions is the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Step inside and browse some of the galaxy’s finest offerings! Props, art, costumes, and even character meets! I got to meet Kylo Ren & Chewbacca and even collected character trading cards along the way.

Be sure to check out the stores set up around the park to score some awesome park exclusives – collectibles, lightsabers, action figures, etc…

And on TOP of all that, most of the park is still accessible and maybe even Star Wars-ified: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster changed up its soundtrack with some classic John Williams score as you soar through the ride. It was epic!

I don’t know how many times I rode Star Tours but because this was a private event, the lines were almost nonexistent!

And of course Padawan training was still happening outside Star Tours:

If only they offered autographing sessions like they used to do at Star Wars Weekends… But again, I guess that’s what Star Wars Celebration was for!

But for 5 solid hours, my night was filled with fantastic photo ops and memories at the first ever Star Wars: Galactic Nights.

And the good news is, Disney has continued and will continue to hold this event… December 16, 2017 for The Last Jedi… May 27, 2018 for Solo: A Star Wars Story… and beyond!

For tickets and more info, please visit the Walt Disney World Resort website.

CGC (Certified Guaranty Company)

Today is December 28, 2017 which means it’s Stan Lee‘s 95th birthday! Happy birthday, Stan the Man!

Stan is known for being an iconic comic book writer / editor / publisher for Marvel Comics, and more recently known as the King Of Cameos (in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies). He created Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Daredevil, Thor, Black Panther, X-Men, and so many more! I loved meeting him at New York Comic Con 2016 which is around the time I also learned that Stan is a huge supporter of CGC as well.

CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) was founded in 2000 and was the first independent and impartial third party grading service for comic books. I’ve always been a fan of comic books and always wondered what the process was for getting a book “slabbed” (graded and encapsulated in a protective container). When I met Stan at NYCC 2016, the process was incredibly simple. CGC was already at the autographing area where their witnesses would help fill out your respective forms to submit your books to their facility in Sarasota, FL.

On their website, you can see all kinds of grading that can be done (not just for comic books) as well as the possible grades & labels you can receive. As a huge Star Wars & Marvel fan, naturally I had to get my 1977 Star Wars #1 (first printing) signed by Stan Lee himself:

Here are some fun facts about Star Wars #1, straight from CGC’s December newsletter:

What makes it special? The first issue of the comic book was sold just over a month before “A New Hope” premiered in theaters. The first six issues adapted the movie, before the comics explored an “expanded universe,” a fresh concept at the time.

Why is it interesting now? Star Wars is one of the top-grossing movie franchises of all-time, and “Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi” will be in theaters in mid-December, followed by “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story” in May 2018.

Did you know? Lucasfilm approached Stan Lee and Marvel about doing the comic books before the release of the movie, but Lee was initially resistant. Both Lucasfilm and Marvel have been acquired by Disney in the past decade.

Total graded by CGC: CGC has graded 7,266 copies of this book (including 503 of its variants), as of Nov. 28, 2017. Ten percent of them are in Signature Series labels.

CGC median grade: The median grade for these books is Near Mint- 9.2

CGC highest graded: CGC hasn’t graded any copies of this book or its variants in Mint condition (10.0 or 9.9). CGC has graded several hundred at the 9.8 level.

Sales highlights: A 35-cent variant graded 9.4 by CGC was sold by Heritage Auctions in May 2016 for $26,290. More recently, Heritage sold a standard CGC-graded 9.6 for $478 in July 2017. A 9.8 signed by six key actors, including Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, sold for $15,000 in 2017.

All in all, my 7.5 isn’t a bad grade, especially for a 40 year old comic with a Signature Series label… By the way, happy 40th anniversary to Star Wars this year! It’s been an incredible journey for this saga, even if the reports for The Last Jedi are pretty divided among fans…

But my journey with CGC is just beginning… While this slabbed book is now one of my most prized possessions, CGC became one of my most visited booths at cons this year & last! My experience with them is always nothing but stellar, and their staff is so easy to work with. True, at bigger cons, the lines can be epically long – so don’t expect to be in & out, especially if you have a lot of back & forths to do between autograph sessions. If you’re just dropping off books to be graded, the process is a lot quicker & smoother (especially if express drop-off is available).

Long story short, if you’re attending a con with the intention of getting a comic book autographed and care about the future authenticity of it, definitely consider CGC. Follow the procedure and get your books verified, protected, and display-ready! The turnaround time isn’t bad and the cases are really cool.

As we approach the end of the year, I won’t be posting a “Year Of The Con” like last year but you’ll see the chronicle of my cons from my list of CGC books. As of this post today, I have 17 CGC’d books:

  1. Star Wars #1 (1977) – [7.5] – Signed by Stan Lee at New York Comic Con 2016
  2. X-Men #1 (1991) – [9.6] – Signed by Jim Lee at Big Apple Comic Con 2017
  3. Wolverine #24 (1990) – [9.6] – Signed by Jim Lee at Big Apple Comic Con 2017
  4. X-Men Annual #1 (1992) – [7.0] – Signed by Jim Lee at Big Apple Comic Con 2017
  5. Batman Beyond #1 (1999) – [9.4] – Signed by Will Friedle at Wizard World Philadelphia 2017
  6. Deadpool #12 (1998) – [9.8] – Signed by Rob Liefeld at Wizard World Philadelphia 2017
  7. Chuck Norris #1 (1987) – [4.5] – Signed by Chuck Norris at Wizard World Philadelphia 2017
  8. Star Wars: Heir to the Empire #1 (1995) – [9.6] – Signed by Timothy Zahn at ComiCONN 2017
  9. G.I. Joe #241 AR Variant Cover (2017) – [9.8] – Signed by Ian Nichols at ComiCONN 2017
  10. Superman #650 (2006) – [9.6] – Signed by Dean Cain at Garden State Comic Fest 2017
  11. Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #5 (1998) – [9.6] – Signed by Loren Lester at Garden State Comic Fest and Kevin Conroy & Tara Strong at New York Comic Con 2017
  12. Star Wars Adventures #1 SDCC Ashcan Variant (2017) – [9.4] – Signed by Derek Charm & Landry Walker at New York Comic Con 2017
  13. Dark Nights: Metal #1 Cliff Chiang Variant (2017) – [9.8] – Signed by Cliff Chiang at New York Comic Con 2017
  14. Batman Gallery #1 (1992) – [9.4] – Signed by Joe Quesada at New York Comic Con 2017
  15. Contemporary Bio-Graphics #4 Pee-Wee Herman Cover (1992) – [8.0] – Signed by Paul Reubens at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017
  16. Deadman #1 (2018) – [9.8] – Signed by Neal Adams at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017
  17. Obi-Wan & Anakin #1 Sketch Variant (2016) – [9.8] – Sketched & signed by Creees Hyunsung Lee at Garden State Comic Fest and signed by Weird Al Yankovic at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

As you can see, I received a lot of 9.6 & 9.8’s… so my New Year’s resolution is to finally get a Mint 9.9 or Gem Mint 10.0!

Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

Following the great time I had at Rhode Island Comic Con last year, I decided to attend the “The Biggest Show In The Smallest State” again!

While last year’s RICC had it’s ups & downs, it was still a well-put-together event given its venue restrictions. And even though some of its faults carried over into this year, it was still jam packed with amazing guests, fun panels, and cool vendors (feel free to peruse last year’s post to supplement the look & feel of RICC). Let’s photographically travel to Providence, RI together:

Of course there were many vendors who had the latest collectibles, ranging from plushies to statuettes, from cards to comics.

The art was also amazing this year. New techniques are becoming very popular trends… Maybe it’s because of the influence of DC’s recent “Metal” series, but the metal art I saw at NYCC a couple years ago has now blown up to a whole new level! At RICC not only did I see metal prints but also metal trading cards, poster sizes, and even Michael Golden (co-creator of Rogue & Bucky O’Hare) is upping his booth with 3D/lenticular prints. (I was yelled at for trying to take photos/videos of them…)

3D printing has also started to become a dime a dozen.

The more and more I attend cons, the more vendors I see creating 3D printed props and figures. This Baby Groot took many hours to print but you can tell that given its size, the printer is creating him in high detail!

Even the 501st Legion got in on the action with a life size 3D printed K-2SO!

This year, the 501st had an amazing section upstairs in the Rhode Island Convention Center. In addition to their costume/helmet gallery & R2 Builders Club, they put up an Endor Shield Bunker & speeder bike for photo ops. And of course, fully costumed 501st members were present. (Check out my video at the end for more)

I scoped the tables, picked up a few 501st trading cards that I didn’t have yet, and made my way over to Scarif again where I ran into Cassian. We almost got the Death Star plans out of there but an Imperial surveillance unit caught us in the act!

Smile! You’re on Imperial Candid Camera!

I saw a lot of great cosplay at the con, including a Spider-Man Homecoming version of Vulture. Check him out in the video below! (I think he had to check his wings in at the door!)

There was also a life-size Gal Gadot Wonder Woman statue on sale at FYE. It’s a lot more convincing than their previous Batman, Harley Quinn, and Deadpool statues.

Speaking of Deadpool… While in the past Deadpool was a popular fan favorite for comic con cosplay, I’ve actually been seeing more Ricks from Rick & Morty these days! Regular Rick, armored Rick, Piccolo (Dragon Ball + Pickle) Rick, Ronald McDonald Rick, etc…

With their third season done, I recently binge watched all 3 seasons for the first time. This allowed me to actually get all the references around the con, including artists appealing to the ever-growing Rick & Morty fanbase:

In particular, Adam Soltys‘ table caught my eye with my favorite Rick & Morty charcter: Mr. Meeseeks (look at me!)! In addition to prints & t-shirts, Adam also had his zombified Disney Infinity and Nintendo amiibo figures.

Check out some of his designs, including Super Saiyan Rick:

Unfortunately, meeting Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland was no easy task. (We’re talking about 2 hours on a line to meet him…) Rhode Island Comic Con estimated about 100,000 attendees over the course of the weekend, and with last minute cancellations from many guests such as The Walking Dead cast, Mark Ruffalo, Val Kilmer, Jon Bernthal, and Freddie Prinze Jr., many fans were upset and had to “settle” for the remaining guests. My guess is that the long lines are due to the fact that TWD fans had to resort to their second, third, and fourth choices for meet & greets.

Justin Roiland, Jason Isaacs, Christopher Lloyd, Weird Al, Paul Reubens, and Robert Englund definitely had the longest lines throughout the con!

But I did manage to find time to meet some of the people I planned on meeting:

Paul Reubens, aka Pee-Wee Herman, was such a nice guy! The line was moving slowly but it was worth it because he spent time talking to each fan, getting to know them, and even asking what they do for a living. The guy in front of me must have had an interesting job because Paul asked his assistant to continue interviewing him! When it came to my turn, we talked about Pee-Wee (of course), his voice as RX-24 in the Disney ride Star Tours (and how he reprised the role in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon), and his role in Gotham.

I’m not a fan of getting my autographs personalized, so when I handed over my Pee-Wee comic and RX-24 figures he jokingly asked, “Are you going to sell these?!” We laughed and continued our conversation. The book above and the one below for Weird Al are currently on their way to CGC!

If you’re just tuning in, I got this Obi-Wan & Anakin #1 comic sketched by Creees a few months ago at Garden State Comic Fest. Hoping to meet Weird Al at RICC, I asked Creees to draw Al in his Saga Begins attire (a la live performance) along with the first line of the chorus. It was perfect! Be sure to check out more of Creees’ art if you’re interested in prints or commissions!

When I showed Al, he was in awe and wanted to snap a photo of it on his phone before he signed it for me.

The funny thing about Weird Al’s booth was that instead of being a table out in the open like the other Headliners, he had a closed off booth which was accessible through a curtained entrance. I felt like I was lining up to meet a fortune teller or the Wizard of Oz! Upon entering, I exclaimed “Hey, they told me Spatula City would be behind the curtain!” (A reference to his 1989 movie “UHF“)

So glad I got to meet him though. Growing up, Weird Al was an influence on me in many areas: musical genres, pop culture references, humor, and even his fashion (just kidding!)!

We talked about his VH1 Behind The Music special and how my friend lost my VHS recording of it… The “Remastered” version on YouTube just isn’t the same. Unfortunately he couldn’t help me there!


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The third book I’m sending to CGC is my first Neal Adams signature:

If you know Neal Adams, then you probably know Deadman, and vice versa!

This is a highly anticipated comic book series that just launched two weeks ago. Above is the glow in the dark variant cover. I was lucky enough to grab one from my local comic book shop before they sold out!

Neal explained why he signed at the bottom of the cover: the raised glow in the dark lines repel the marker ink! He said he ruined two books earlier because he didn’t know this. Glad mine wasn’t a guinea pig!

Lastly, I was able to meet the new Chewbacca actor, Joonas Suotamo:

Joonas is a Finnish basketball player turned actor. He played Chewie alongside Peter Mayhew in The Force Awakens. He’ll do the same for this year’s The Last Jedi. And he’ll be the sole actor as our favorite Wookiee in next year’s Han Solo movie!

I did have to wait a few minutes though because one of those “autograph service” companies had just stepped in line ahead of me. They had stacks and stacks of items to be signed with Post-it’s indicating where Joonas should sign… and with what color. Insanity!

But I absolutely love the way he signs his name, incorporating a little Chewbacca face into his autograph. I told him it looked a lot like the Chewbacca Dog, and he said that Chewbacca Dog is his favorite picture!

All in all, Rhode Island Comic Con is still one of my favorite conventions because they don’t skimp out on the celebrity guests. Navigation is still something that can be improved, but was definitely better this year than 2016. I do feel bad for the fans who bought tickets just for 1 star who ended up canceling, but unfortunately that’s to be expected once in a while from any comic con. But even if that happens, walk around the show floor! There are always amazing artists, actors in roles you never realized before, or a collectible you never knew existed!

Until next time, RICC! You know how to get in touch with me…

Play Fair 2017 – The Ultimate Experience In Toys & Family Entertainment

Play Fair is a celebration of play and entertainment for all ages. It’s an immersive, experience-rich event for children, parents, families, and teenage and adult fans. With hands-on exhibits, awe-inspiring displays, dozens of toy and entertainment brands, and never-before-seen exclusives, attendees can feel, touch, and take home their favorite toys and games — and be the first to glimpse the toys of tomorrow!

Following its first convention in 2016, Play Fair is back! Once again, the Toy Association and LeftField Media brought the latest and greatest to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on November 4-5, 2017 with a special Industry Preview Night on November 3. This is a fun and highly interactive con that highlights some of the best toys & games. It’s also a great place to discover up & coming brands that are just starting to get more exposure!

The weekend kicked off with a very special Play Fair presentation for the prestigious Toy Of The Year Awards, which supports the Toy Foundation in helping children in need. In attendance to present the TOTY finalists were Steve Pasierb (CEO of the Toy Association), Ken Seiter (VP of Marketing), and Richard Barry (Board of Directors and Toys R Us Merchandising Officer).

With 122 finalists in 17 categories, not only would we be able to see the toys & games but voting was open! (Polls are still open and you can cast your votes today!)

An amazing booth was revealed after the presentation so that all the finalists can be seen up close. But don’t worry, Play Fair isn’t about keeping the fun sealed up in glass cases. Tons of exciting things are always out on the floor for you and your families to enjoy firsthand!

Play Fair sponsor Toys R Us had a large section called Geoffrey’s Spectacular Play Lab filled with toys, remote control vehicles, photo ops and even Geoffrey the Giraffe! (See the video at the end of this post for more)

Lego also had a big presence with activity tables…

A Brick Pile (I found a rogue brick in my back pocket later that day)…

And a Statue Garden featuring 10 iconic characters:

Even for its second year running, Play Fair is a good sized convention and takes up Halls 1A and 1B of the Javits Center. I had the privilege of interacting with some of the great exhibitors and vendors during the show:

Learning Lab 360 is a traveling VR company to partner with schools to teach interactively through Virtual Reality. They had one of the longest lines at Play Fair this weekend, demoing Minecraft inside their trailer. It was my first time playing Minecraft and not only was it pretty fun, it was educational talking to the staff about what they do to help teach students!

City Girls by The New York Doll Collection is comprised of 5 girls from all 5 boroughs of New York City. Each girl has a different look and style. You can even follow along with their adventures online. These 18-inch dolls are a great introduction to accessorizing and even collecting. And for a limited time, save 10% off your order with code TF2017 (expires 11/12/17).

Stick Together is a wonderful way to make mosaics come to life! These puzzle posters use lettered stickers that correspond with a color in order to create a beautiful masterpiece. At Play Fair, they had a demo set up so that attendees can collectively help build a large mosaic. But at home, these posters are foldable and can even be custom ordered online to make for a perfect holiday or birthday gift!

Pearl Odyssey was another vendor that caught my eye. Offering live oyster openings, Pearl Odyssey is a strictly convention-only exhibitor that creates on-the-spot jewelry and wands. You can choose from a variety of accessories such as pendants, earrings, rings… and a number of woods for the wands. Very cool!

There were also many game creators present but Magnets The Game is one that I can get behind. Calling itself the “Marbles of the 21st Century”, Magnets is simple fun that didn’t take 10 minutes to explain like some of the other new games at Play Fair. I also appreciated that as you collect magnets to win, the game doesn’t just end if a player runs out of magnets. Instead, they’re shared so that the game can continue! For more info, visit their website.

In addition to vendors, all around the show floor were photo ops and many interactive stations. Sidewalk chalkboard artist Eric M. Maruscak of Pepper Ink was at the Funimation booth drawing an epic Dragon Ball display:

Imagine by Rubie’s, a division of Rubie’s Costume, had very cool statues of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Iron Man, Thor, and Darth Vader… along with a collection of costumes for kids, adults, and even pets!

Although the 501st Legion wasn’t to be seen, Empire Saber Guild was proud to pose for photos, present live demonstrations, build sabers with kids, and even hand out fun collectibles like trading cards, Topps Galactic Connexions, and kyber crystals! But one of the coolest parts of their booth was the new Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges game featuring an AR headset and lightsaber remote.

As I wrap up, some other noteworthy booths were FDNY’s vehicles, Hasbro‘s inflatable Nerf arena, a lifesize Soggy Doggy, E-Blox interactive circuit building bricks, and TeeTurtle’s reversible octopus mini plush.

But the most noteworthy event of the entire convention was the mammoth achievement by Maddie Rae and her fans to make Guinness World Record live at Play Fair!

This pool of a purple mess was created by many helping hands along with Maddie Rae to officially be the largest slime recorded! I got to interview the official Guinness rep and not only did they reach the 11,023.11 lbs. minimum (5,000 kg), they broke it! They officially hit 13,820 lbs. which is nearly the weight of an average tyrannosaurus rex! (What did they do with all that slime? Half was given out as souvenirs and the rest will be sold online with proceeds going to Hand in Hand, a hurricane relief charity.)

It was an awesome weekend at Play Fair and I highly recommend checking it out next year, November 3-4, 2018! It doesn’t get super crowded and there’s plenty of fun to go around! Be sure to check out my video below for everything I didn’t mention here:

Warner Bros. “Get Animated Invasion” Pop-up (October 6-8, 2017)

Zoinks! From October 6-8, 2017, Warner Bros. partnered up with Boomerang and BoxLunch to bring some very iconic cartoons to life! To name a few: Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, and Flintstones…

In the style of Refinery29’s 29Rooms, this completely sold-out (but free) event contained a handful of interactive rooms & corridors that featured popular animated properties. Guests could fully immerse themselves in the world of Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner (with a “real” hanging anvil trap) or experience something spooky with Scooby Doo (complete with fog machine):

As soon as you enter, you’re given a voucher which entitles you to one of three Flintstones themed ice cream treats brought to you by Milk & Cream Cereal Bar. Choose from: Dizzy Dino (Fruity Pebbles blended ice cream topped with Fruity Pebbles & Dino Bones Candy), Bamm-Bamm Thank You Ma’am (Cocoa Pebbles blended ice cream topped with Cocoa Pebbles & Salted Caramel Rock Candy), or The Bedrock-y Road (Cinnamon Pebbles blended ice cream topped with Cinnamon Pebbles, Marshmallows & Chocolate Rock Candy).

I chose Bamm-Bamm Thank You Ma’am!

They came in a specially marked cup with a color changing spoon! I’m telling you, the whole experience totally makes you feel like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons all over again!

In the main hall was a line of tablets to watch clips of your favorite cartoons. But right by this section was the home of Bugs Bunny:

Pick up a giant carrot or two, pose with Bugs, or just grab a secret lollipop stashed inside his mailbox (you read that right)! You won’t be happier that it’s rabbit season!

As you feast your eyes on all the great wall decals and neon lights, you’ll also find some fantastic art pieces. The next room featured a collection of Marvin the Martian figures painted to resemble popular superheroes. Each was painted by a different artist. Here’s a “Wonder Woman” Marvin the Martian by Tony B. Kim:

As you make your way towards the end, the exhibit doesn’t slow down yet… Giant Jetsons art can be found right next to the Warner Brothers Water Tower!

And if you blink, you’ll miss that clever cat Tom trying to catch Jerry! Sneaky sneaky…

But all throughout the pop-up there were screens, big & small, playing clips from your favorite cartoons. It was great to just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, while eating our ice cream. Mind you, this was all during New York Comic Con 2017, so some sitting was absolutely priceless!

There were also some fun inflatable chairs by the gift shop, accompanied by (you guessed it) more cartoons!

And the gift shop itself was pretty extensive. Brought to you by BoxLunch, you had everything from apparel to accessories: Flintstones hats, water bottles, Space Jam shirts, even Funko Pop figures!

The Get Animated Invasion Pop-up was a lot of fun and even though it wasn’t necessarily huge, it had tons of photo opportunities – plus it was completely free! Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a quick video tour of the pop-up!

New York Comic Con 2017

It’s that time of year again for the biggest pop culture event on the East Coast! This marks my 6th year attending New York Comic Con, home to the latest in comics, video games, movies, toys, anime, and much more!

If you’ve only attended small cons before, New York Comic Con is exactly the same… except pumped up on Bane’s Venom formula! Just imagine your favorite local comic con amplified 10 times! So without further delay, here are some of my favorite moments:

Despite the space restrictions this year due to the $1.5 billion Javits Center expansion, I think ReedPOP did a good job managing their 12th NYCC. And as always, they had a great display for DC Comics in the South Concourse. A giant Justice League banner & costumes were out, DC television show clips were playing, and some cool freebies were given out.

On top of that, Graphitti Designs had some incredible t-shirts and variant covers of this year’s Dark Nights Metal issues as well as their tie-in’s (Red Death, Murder Machine, and Dawnbreaker). I waited on their line which was almost an hour long and many covers sold out for each day’s allotted quantities! Thankfully I got the ones I wanted.

Along with DC were some amazing booths for photo ops, VR/AR, and fan experiences. You could hang like Spidey in an upside-down room, step inside SpongeBob’s Pineapple, or snap a photo with some Justice League cardboard cutouts.

But I had a blast inside on the show floor.

One of my favorite exhibitors is trading card company Topps. They were offering giveaways and Star Wars autographing all weekend.

On Thursday, I got to meet Jerome Blake (who I had the privilege of meeting last year as well) and even got to hang with him a little afterwards. Such a nice guy and his presence in Episode I is quite important! He signed an 8×10 and my Oppo Rancisis figure.

On Saturday, I met Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (the voice of the Fifth Brother in Star Wars Rebels) who signed an 8×10, my Fifth Brother figure, and my Topps card.

Just as they did at Star Wars Celebration 2017, Topps authenticated the autographs with their special holographic QR code which verifies that specific signature. And on top of the free autographs, Topps was also offering some great giveaways by participating in a scavenger hunt & app demo!

To get the exclusive chase droid cards, you had to receive 3 stamps found on the map card. They were also giving out an exclusive trading card each day from The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids, and Mysticons. Lastly, you could win exclusives like a Star Wars poster, card holder, or Rey pin by earning a high score on their game Topps BUNT’s Batter Up.

In addition to Topps, Konami had a section set up for Yu-Gi-Oh. They were handing out Yugi hair headbands and had a booth to turn yourself into a custom token card!

Like many others, we went for the New York Comic Con exclusive design! This was a great freebie and the line wasn’t that long either.

Some other great photo ops were Bandai’s Power Rangers morphin’ grid and a Dragon Ball power-up video (more in my YouTube video). I even met Sean Schemmel (voice of Goku) while waiting to power up!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet David Yost (the original Blue Ranger) this time around. He & Amy Jo Johnson are the last of the original MMPR cast I’ve yet to meet. But I did get to meet some other amazing stars.

Kevin Conroy – He’s not just the hero of Gotham. He’s the hero of my childhood. “I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!” A long line to meet him, but well worth it! I told him how much Batman The Animated Series impacted me growing up. I brought one of my favorite childhood Batman Adventures comic book to get signed too. I explained that Loren Lester (Robin/Nightwing) signed off to the side to leave room for Kevin’s autograph. Mr. Conroy laughed and signed up top to leave room for Tara Strong (Batgirl).

Tara Strong – This was Tara’s first NYCC! One of the most popular voice actors of our time: Timmy Turner, Bubbles, Raven, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, the list goes on and on! And while she arrived late to her last autographing session, Tara stayed extra to meet every single fan instead of cutting the line short. I told her the story of Loren & Kevin and how there’s tons of room for her name now… and she signed a very tiny autograph on Batgirl’s cape. What a story! This comic book is now being graded by CGC with their Signature Series program.

Jim Cummings – Kind of a Disney legend. You may know him as the voice of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Pete (Goofy), Razoul (Aladdin), Bonkers, Darkwing Duck, Dr. Robotnik… You can check out his IMDb for more! But I just had to finally get his autograph on my Hondo Ohnaka figure from Star Wars The Clone Wars. Initially, we were worried on the line because a lot of time passed and he hadn’t shown up for his autographing session. But when he finally arrived, we all had a fun time. As I was leaving, he even did the voice for me: “Do me a favor… [voice] Be careful out there. There are Jedi EVERYwhere!”

Nolan North – Another voice actor legend. His credits are too long to list (IMDb) and his line never got shorter! He was a very nice guy and took the time to chat with fans. He told me a great story about how he was directed by George Lucas for the episode of The Clone Wars he voiced as El-Les. I told him that that episode was so good and kicked off one of my favorite story lines in the whole series.

Along with the autographing area downstairs was the new Artist Alley. Because of the construction being done at the Javits, Artist Alley was moved to the “experimental” hall from last year. Frankly, it was too warm down there and I can’t imagine spending all day in the cramped aisles. I had to navigate through here a couple times to reach the lower level CGC (because the upper level CGC would not travel to the autographing area). But at least I got a free print from artist Christopher Jones!

Meanwhile, upstairs on the show floor you could find some great artists & writers for meet & greets and book signings.

Early in the morning I received the wristband which entitled me to purchase the convention exclusive of From A Certain Point Of View – Penguin Random House’s compilation of 40 Star Wars stories from 40 different authors! Over the course of the NYCC weekend, I was able to get my exclusive book signed by 4 of the authors who worked on it (which is 10%… not bad, I guess?): Chuck Wendig, Delilah S. Dawson, Pablo Hidalgo, and Jason Fry. They each signed standalone posters for their respective books as well.

IDW also had a signing with Star Wars Adventures creatives Derek Charm (artist) and Landry Q. Walker (writer). They signed my SDCC Star Wars Adventure #0 ashcan issue and it’s on its way to CGC too! Surprisingly, they mentioned that they didn’t get any of these to sign this weekend:

What’s beautiful about New York Comic Con is that it appeals to all kinds of fandoms whether it’s comic books, movies, or pop culture in general. And the Fandom Fantasy Food Truck is no letdown in this category. Featuring food & drink from Star Wars, Stranger Things, Rick & Morty, and The Walking Dead, this food truck serves up sweet & salty treats to give you a little boost during the con.

Quantities were limited and were on a first come, first serve basis. But throughout the weekend we were able to try out all 4 items: Porg In A Blanket (chocolate cake pop with royal icing, white chocolate, and marshmallow wrapped in a mini tortilla), Upside Down Waffle (whole grain waffle covered in milk chocolate, cotton candy, unsweetened coconut flakes, and marshmallow), Pickle Rick Soda (dill pickle juice, fresh dill, club soda, and pickles), and Lucille Bat Pretzel (a pretzel stick covered in caramel, white chocolate, red food coloring, and a candy eye)!

Also, throughout the con, food vendors were serving up Brooklyn Defender 2017! We didn’t get to pick up a pint but we got to check out the launch party last month. Check it out here.

But one of the best parts of the con was the surprise booth by Verizon to showcase Star Wars: The Last Jedi (and how about that trailer??)! This immersive experience deserved its own post so be sure to check it out here.

Some other highlights from the con were the world premiere of 8K at Domo! World, the DIRECTV NOW Walking Dead photo booth, Weta Digital’s Planet of the Apes mocap station, and the Lego BrickHeadz truck for the Boba Fett/Han Solo Carbonite exclusive!

We wrapped up our time at New York Comic Con with An Evening with Mark Hamill at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Because we got to meet Mark at Celebration for photos & autographs, we decided to skip the meet & greet at NYCC and opted for the paid panel. Recently ReedPOP started offering a variety of off-site panels that don’t require NYCC badges but do require payment. This is an excellent alternative for non-attendees, but additional hurt for already paying con attendees. (Not to mention the extensive bag check removing all Sharpies, gum, etc. which we sort of got back after the show…)

For $1500, you’ll be in the first row with a post-show meet & greet with Hamill himself – plus an included autograph & photo session. Needless to say, we got the best seats on the first balcony and enjoyed 2 solid hours of #Hamillstein – stories of his journey as Luke, his voice acting career, an extensive Q&A, and a heartfelt tribute to Carrie Fisher.

15 random audience members received a blue Post-it indicating that they would be moved to stage seats, which they called Hamill-vision! This also guaranteed them a free autographed headshot presented later in the show. And during the Q&A, the first 15 people also received autographs.

It was truly a memorable talk even if you’ve heard some of the stories before. Mark has a way with words and you can tell the man really cares about the fans too!

To wrap up, New York Comic Con 2017 was so much fun! Honestly I was worried about the crowds and space issues due to the construction but not only was this not an issue, ReedPOP did an unbelievable job managing the morning queue lines too! We got to do almost everything we planned, and even had time to visit the WB/Boomerang/BoxLunch “Get Animated!” pop-up on top of that. I’ll be curious to see how next year is handled as the Javits goes through even more changes.

Until then, see you at the next con!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Experience By Verizon (NYCC 2017)

From October 5-8, 2017, Verizon offered a one of a kind Star Wars experience at New York Comic Con. Inside, fans could be a part of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi via props and costumes straight from the film!

I was lucky enough to be able to step inside. And with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie ticket pre-sales and the official trailer out tonight, I thought it’d the perfect time to share for anyone who wasn’t able to attend or see this amazing booth. Scroll down for more!

The interior was just like a First Order base with the wall designs and even doors resembling the on set look, while beams of light hit the floor with mild smoke effects.

You’re immediately greeted with the weapons of the Praetorian Guards.

Each exhibit is accompanied by a screen, like you would see in the Star Wars universe, except these screens will explain each piece. Here’s an example of what was said about a couple of these weapons:

Praetorian Long Axe – The Praetorians carry weapons that are high-tech versions of unpowered analogs found in primitive societies across the galaxy. The tempered blade of this long axe, or vibro-voulge, connects to a compact ultrasonic generator that creates a high-frequency vibration across the cutting edge, increasing its deadliness.

Electro-Chain Whip – The Praetorian electro-chain whip is one of the most unique weapons in the Elite Praetorian Guard arsenal, able to function as a sword-like melee weapon or be shifted into a plasma laser whip depending on combat style.

Some other amazing props include helmets and weapons used in the making of the film:

The details on these rifles are amazing (First Order Stormtrooper above, Resistance below). It’s so great so see that Star Wars movies don’t skimp out on details!

In addition to the weapons, the exhibit also boasted fantastic windowed displays of helmets & other props:

I loved being able to get a closer look at the Praetorian Guard helmet. Seeing it next to the other First Order helmets also gives us a better idea of the size of Snoke’s special guards!

And what would Star Wars be without some spaceships?

On display were mini versions of the Resistance Bomber ship (which closely resembles the B-Wing) and Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter (TIE Silencer).

The final category covered in The Last Jedi Experience was the costumes. On display were mannequins donning a TIE Pilot and a Resistance Pilot uniform.

I had seen these before in NYC’s Discovery Times Square (now closed) during their “Star Wars And The Power Of Costume” exhibition, which featured 70 costumes from the film franchise, including those from The Force Awakens. While I’m sure there have been some changes for The Last Jedi, I was kind of hoping for some newer costumes that had never been seen before in person.

But overall, this Verizon booth was a nice surprise at New York Comic Con! A few days ahead of the official trailer and ticket sales, it was a smart move and got people’s focus back on the next film of the Star Wars Saga!

Right in front of this exhibit, we even got to take a picture with a real life BB-8! It was a fully functional droid that would pose, blip, and do all the BB-8 type stuff (minus the flame thumbs-up)!

If you haven’t yet, watch the trailer for The Last Jedi here and buy tickets today!

Legoland Discovery Center: Lego Ninjago Movie Days + Giveaway!

*Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post to win a Family 4 Pack of tickets to LDC Westchester!*

Find your inner ninja on September 22-24 and September 30-October 1 at Legoland Discovery Center!

With this fall’s new Lego Ninjago Movie, Legoland Discovery Center is launching a special series of events especially for Ninjago fans! Here you can take part in a ninja-themed scavenger hunt, help build a big mosaic portrait of the Green Ninja Lloyd, build something special in the master class, and much more!

I had the privilege of checking out the Lego Ninjago Movie Days this past weekend and it was a blast for kids and families of all ages.

Apart from the existing Legoland attractions (which you can read about here), new Ninjago fun has been added. Up above, you can snap a photo with Lloyd, Nya, or Master Wu – completely made out of bricks! Or be your own ninja with the cardboard cutouts next to Ninjago City Adventure, a two-story 2,300 square foot interactive play area!

And as if that still wasn’t enough, keep your eyes peeled for Kai the Red Ninja who makes his rounds throughout Legoland. Strike a pose and help defend Ninjago against Evil Lord Garmadon!

The positive energy at Legoland Discovery Center Westchester is always a plus and the staff is always helpful. Thanks to them, I was able to find the room where you can help build the big mosaic of Lloyd (or as Garmadon calls him, La-Lloyd)!

Simply pick a 6×6 plate (or try to find the corresponding number if you prefer a specific spot on the mosaic) and build along with the mapped out colors!

I played my part! Here’s plate #215, one of the last available spots on Lloyd’s face. It was so much fun to take part in, and I can’t wait to see the finished product! Don’t miss out on your chance – visit Legoland Discovery Center this weekend!

Not only that, there are plenty more activities that are unique to Lego Ninjago Movie Days:

In the Master Builder Workshop, you can build mosaics of Ninjago characters! Simply use the examples on the screen provided by the instructor. There are buckets of colors on the tables for you to build on a 16×16 plate.

It could be one of the main ninjas, or you can be creative and make your own! We decided to build Master Wu and an original ninja, J:

The second Master Builder Workshop is to design your initials using the Ninjago language. At the start of the class, you’re given a translation sheet and practice paper so that you can map out how you want to design your initials.

Using the same buckets of bricks and 16×16 plates, the instructor walks you through the basics of creating your initials. We decided to make our initials with their English counterparts, with some white highlights. What will you come up with?

And again, the staff here is so friendly and great with kids. If your family is big on collecting minifigures, be sure to bring some to trade! Many staff members have a nametag with a minifigure connected to it. Offer a trade and see what happens – you never know! (During the Lego Ninjago Movie Days, all staff members will have a Lego Ninjago Movie minifigure on their nametag, unless they’ve traded already for a non-Ninjago figure)

Lastly, a newer feature in Legoland Discovery Center is the Lego In-Store Action app!

This AR (augmented reality) app allows you to scan displays around the attraction to see Lego characters come to life.

In this particular case, the Master Wu #BENINJA Activity Station will allow you to see this popular Ninjago character:

Watch as Lloyd comes to life! Pose with him, or just take a picture of him next to your favorite section inside Legoland.

Once you save your awesome photo, tag @LDCWestchester and use hashtag #BENINJA on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for a chance to win a Lego Ninjago Prize Pack!

And speaking of winning, I’ll be picking one lucky winner on October 5, 2017 for a Family 4 Pack of tickets to visit Legoland Discovery Center Westchester! Entering is easy, so you won’t want to miss out on this: Enter Here.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2017

A fairly new show brought to you by the makers of Walker Stalker Con has popped into the con scene. Calling itself a “Fan Fest”, it’s advertised that they’re going to “revolutionize the comic con landscape.” With this being the third year under their belt, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest boasts that “this is NOT your dad’s comic con. It’s YOUR fan fest!”…

This year I finally got to attend one of the HVFF events at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ – the “New York” show. I’ve been to many conventions at this expo center, so I’m very well aware of the size and potential of the show floor space. Immediately, looking at the list of vendors online I knew that it would be more heavily geared towards the celebrity meet & greets.

And when we walked in, a couple of winds around and you were already done with the vendor booths!

But it indeed was a fun convention (can I still call it that?) and for its size, they really capitalized on what can be done simultaneously. Let’s take a look!

Right after the security checkpoint, the first thing you see when you walk through the door is the Official Shop! There were a couple of prints/posters and some apparel, but nothing was really standout about the merchandise for this show. I saw a couple of people collect all their autographs on the show poster featuring John Barrowman (Arrow/Doctor Who/Torchwood), Stephen Amell (Arrow/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and Ming-Na Wen (Agents of SHIELD/Mulan/ER) but personally I felt that the celebrity-provided 8×10’s were better, if you didn’t bring your own items to get signed.

Directly next to the HVFF Shop was the main stage. I must say that, given the limited space, they did a fantastic job getting as many people in as they could with a decent sized stage + 2 screens!

And because the expo center hall isn’t too large, the sound wasn’t super echoey either.

There were people lined up for the next panel at any given time so we didn’t bother lining up because we had other plans throughout the day. But thankfully it was an open space so you were able to see & hear any panel you’d want to hover around. This is exactly what we did while eating at one of the expo center food vendors.

The Meadowlands Expo Center offers pretty much the same food for every show, but luckily it’s also nearby some great chain restaurants which are walking distance away!

You can probably count the number of vendor booths on your two hands, but one of the cooler ones was definitely this one featuring fake wanted posters, newspaper clippings, and magazine coves of popular DC (and some Marvel) characters – many of whose actors are HVFF regulars.

You also had your typical comic book shops, poster reprint vendors, and bulk action figure sellers.

But it was really cool to see artist Rob Prior paint a few live pieces throughout the con. Here he is working on a Netflix Defenders painting.

Also along this wall were bigger participants like Saber Guild Corellia (Saber Guild’s NJ chapter of lightsaber choreography), the 501st Legion, and the Mandalorian Mercs… complete with astromech droid R4-K5, Valo Tonar, and the detainment unit we saw at Wintercon last year.

It was pretty great to see all of these things without the huge crowds they’d normally get at a “comic con”.

But it might have something to do with the demographic of this show. After all, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest mostly appeals to fans of DC TV shows like Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Gotham… with the additional help of Agents of SHIELD, iZombie, and the occasional Walking Dead and/or Guardians of the Galaxy.

This year’s guests for New York were: Stephen Amell (Sunday), John Barrowman, Ming-Na Wen (Saturday), Brett Dalton (Sunday), Brandon Routh, Carlos Valdes, Candice Patton, Robbi Amell, David Ramsey, Katie Cassidy, Josh Segarra, Rick Gonzalez (Saturday), Echo Kellum, Katrina Law, Maggie Geha, Italia Ricci, Rose McIver (Saturday), Caity Lotz, Robin Lord Taylor, Drew Powell (Saturday), Sean Pertwee (Sunday), and David Mazouz.

Regardless of who the actor was, all the lines were long but were moving along pretty smoothly. From what I could see, all of them were super friendly and were taking the time to talk to the fans.

Unfortunately the main person we wanted to see, Stephen Amell, had to cancel his Saturday appearance due to filming schedule. So our autograph presale was refunded and we ultimately did not get to meet him. Hopefully next year!

Brett Dalton also had to cancel his Saturday appearance last minute. The only other celebrity we wanted to meet was Brandon Routh, who we loved in Superman Returns (2006) and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) before he appeared in the Arrowverse.

He was so nice and we got to talk about his recent Instagram posts that dealt with upcoming Legends of Tomorrow episodes. And though he had a great collection of headshots & 8×10’s from some of his projects, I brought my Superman Returns movie adaptation comic book, which he signed in gold! Came out so well.

We also got the pro photo op with him later in the day. Celeb Photo Ops was in charge of the photos and they generally do a good job. There were separate lines for each ticket tier: Premium/Gold, VIP, and General Admission. The lines moved quickly but we still had time to greet Brandon again… plus the 8×10 came out great!

Like I said, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest is definitely for fans who mainly want to meet the stars. There’s not much else to do or see if that isn’t your cup of tea (aka your trip to the con will be ridiculously short!).

But if there’s one near you coming up (check their upcoming cities), see if there’s anyone you’d like to meet! You can simply say hi, ask for an autograph, or snap a fun photo with your favorite celebrity. Then you can laugh about it with Darth Vader and Reptar: