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Spotlight: MattApplegateDraws (Matt Applegate)

Today’s Spotlight is on the one and only Matt Applegate! Matt Applegate, or MattApplegateDraws, is an amazing artist from Kentucky. He creates photorealistic portraits typically on trading card sized stock and has worked on licensed properties like Star Wars, Stranger Things, and Marvel through trading card companies like Topps and Upper Deck Entertainment. When heContinue reading “Spotlight: MattApplegateDraws (Matt Applegate)”

Top 10 Posts of 2020

2020 was much different from past years. With the cancellation of most in-person events, we were only able to cover about a dozen conventions & pop culture shows. But with the rise of so many virtual events, it just goes to show that people were resilient and adaptable this year to make things work asContinue reading “Top 10 Posts of 2020”


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