Gulliver’s Gate: A Miniature World In NYC

Named after Jonathan Swift’s 1726 classic “Gulliver’s Travels“, New York City’s very own Gulliver’s Gate explores the world in a very miniature way! Featuring over 25 cities across 5 continents, travelers will be able to experience the thrill of traveling the world without ever stepping onto a plane!

The attraction utilizes a standard HO Scale (1:87) where a 6-foot tall person would be represented by a 0.8 inch tall figure!

That means even a building as tall as New York’s Chrysler Building (1,046 feet) will only be 12 feet at Gulliver’s Gate!

So grab your passport and let’s explore some of the beautiful sights of the world found inside Gulliver’s Gate! And be sure to check out the full photo gallery online and the video at the end of this article…

The very first city you get to experience is New York City, with its busy streets, bright lights, and bustling energy!

In Gulliver’s Gate, you don’t just get to see the exhibit, but you also get to interact with it too! Every visitor is given a souvenir Gulliver’s Gate key which allows you to activate specific stations around the attraction… It could start a parade, turn on a helicopter, or even summon Santa Claus!

On top of that, the cities are already alive! Cars & trucks are driving, a thousand trains are chugging, and even the time will change from night to day.

The exhibit highlights some of the best sights around the world including Big Ben, The Statue Of Liberty, The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Taj Mahal, and so many more iconic locations across the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe:

Covering approximately 50,000 square feet, Gulliver’s Gate is jam-packed with hidden features like clap-sensitive thunderclaps in the clouds, superimposing your face into a realistic Niagara Falls, becoming a Times Square billboard, or finding Easter Eggs with a very special Scavenger Hunt (see their website for more details)!

So be sure to keep your eyes peeled and look closely because you never know what you’ll find!

It’s truly amazing how much thought & detail was put into the dioramas. You could easily spend a couple hours browsing cityscapes, structures, and landmarks.

However, we found that some of the more fascinating parts of the attraction aren’t the tall buildings but, in fact, the little (pun intended) moments scattered throughout. It could be a car accident on a highway, a man hailing a taxi cab, or just the sheer busyness captured by the many miniatures found inside. Here’s a look inside the gorgeous Grand Central Terminal in New York City:

And that’s not all!

You could take a memory of Gulliver’s Gate home with you on the way out. Whether it’s at the Gift Shop or by turning yourself tiny, there are numerous ways to remember your trip here. Options include a 1:87 scale person placed in 1 of 20 locations, or even slightly larger scale figures (out of 3 sizes).

So take a trip to Gulliver’s Gate for the expedition of a lifetime! You’ll only need a few hours to see everything, but remember that everything was built by 200 model makers around the world with an average build time of about 185 days per region! Open everyday from 10am to 8pm, tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance online. And see more pictures here!

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