Sellersville Museum: Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society

For two days only on September 14 & 15, 2019, the Sellersville Museum in southeastern Pennsylvania housed a special Star Wars exhibit hosted by PSWCS (the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society). Since exhibits regularly rotate at this volunteer-run museum, I’m glad I got to check out this limited engagement!

As always, admission to the Sellersville Museum is free but donations are gratefully accepted. And donations were also being accepted for PSWCS’s featured charity: Fox Chase Cancer Research, which earned you a limited edition coin to commemorate your visit to the museum and your generous contribution.

Featuring rare collectibles, imports, movie props, and even a scavenger hunt for both Jedi & Padawans, there was tons to see & do at the Sellersville Museum including a personal R2-D2 collection, misprinted Topps cards, old school comics, and even activity sheets for the young ones! Fellow collectors will have fun talking to the hosts about their time at the new Disney Park “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” or geek out over the latest Hasbro action figure collection. There was an incredible selection of vintage Kenner figures, call sheets, autographs, and even a set of mint condition carded figures from the Droids television series!

But some of the coolest items on display were the actual movie props of a Naboo ascension blaster, Ewok fur, Wampa teeth, Krayt Dragon bone, and even a heavy blaster rifle! There was also some custom Mandalorian armor, which was cool to see leading up to the upcoming Disney Plus series The Mandalorian.

I was the first to complete the challenging Jedi level Scavenger Hunt where winners could choose a prize from a bin of 12″ Hasbro action figures, after answering 20 advanced questions that not only test your ability to find things hidden throughout the exhibit but your general knowledge of the Star Wars universe as well (pop quiz: What’s the name of Jabba’s sail barge?)! From Legos to Disney exclusives, this year’s extensive PSWCS exhibit at the Sellersville Museum was a real treat and helped a great cause. For more information on the next Star Wars offering, be on the lookout on the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society website & Sellersville Museum website, and be sure to swipe through the photos & video below:

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