Pixel Forest At New Museum NYC

“Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest” marks the first New York survey of the work of Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist. It covered 3 floors of the New Museum in NYC. It was a lot of fun and if you have some time while in the Lower East Side, I’d recommend visiting.

Every now and then you’d encounter a section where you could sit or lay down to enjoy the various video collections. Wait time wasn’t terribly long, since one could only watch these clips for so long… And the music playlist is set on repeat. But above is a room full of beds with two projectors displaying on large screens on the ceiling. Shoes were not allowed on the beds and there were security guards to make sure of it.

Forgive me if there are names to these pieces but we were just immersed in the entire exhibit to pay that much attention. There was a plethora of sights and sounds: projectors displaying large close-up videos on walls, curtains, and ceilings, or a “chandelier” of lit underwear. You read that right.

One of the best parts of the exhibit, and probably the most frequently posted on Instagram is the actual “forest”.

If you’re a seeker of photo opportunities, this is the one for you. There was plenty of space to walk between the “vines” (which change color and flash), but it’s still easy to knock into them. But don’t worry, more security guards are there to make sure you don’t get tangled or cause the vines to swing.

(Be sure to check out a few more shots from the Pixel Forest in my Facebook album.)

While in the East Village area, we also got to enjoy some good eats. Yonekichi and their riceburgers (we had eel & chicken) & furi furi fries (we paid the 50 cents for the spicy salmon roe mayo), TsuruTonTan and their udon noodles (pictured is my cold uni udon!), and Laduree’s macarons.

All in all, a fun & delicious trip! For a deeper look, check out the video!


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