Stan Lee Box #4 “Summer Love” Review (July 2017)

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Subscription boxes are a dime a dozen these days. You’ve got boxes full of contents that appeal to every interest & hobby: food, beauty, Funko, comic books, dog products, and the list goes on & on! I had never been interested in getting a box because usually the mystery of what’s inside is usually overpowered by the probability of getting items that I don’t need or want. That is, until now.

When I found out about the Stan Lee Box, I was excited to see that it doesn’t follow a specific format (ie. Smuggler Bounty’s formula of: 2 Funko Pop’s, a pin, a patch, and a t-shirt). Instead, you’ll receive a variety of items officially curated by Stan Lee himself! How official? I’m not too sure aside from the fact that it’s powered by Stan Lee’s company POW! Entertainment.

Set to deliver every 8 weeks, the Stan Lee Box contains a bunch of exclusives with many, if not all, being exclusive to this subscription service. It always includes two comic books with variant covers featuring Stan! Each box also has a theme so that you know what to sort of expect inside. Plus, 1 out of 10 boxes will contain an autographed item from Stan! How can you go wrong?

In the past, the box has had collectibles such as Metals Die Cast figures, Funko Pop figures, graphic novels, and prints. You’re also guaranteed to get a trading card with a fun Stan Lee fact. But without further ado, here’s Stan Lee Box #4:

Right from the beginning, I was thrilled by the box design because it screamed Stan Lee everywhere with big comic book text like “AMAZING!”, “FANTASTIC”, “INCREDIBLE”!

Unfortunately, due to the recent passing of Stan’s wife Joan, Box #4 (with the theme “Summer Love”) was slightly delayed. Intended to be delivered in time for SDCC, they teased that inside would contain a comic con friendly backpack with Stan Lee on it. It’s perfect for the con goer that needs a place for all their merch! But with the delay also came a heartfelt card pasted to the inside of the box.

As I worked my way into the box, there was a giant image of Stan on black fabric. Was it a sweater? A t-shirt? Nope, it was an “Excelsior!” pillow in the style of “Grease”!

I’ll be honest, I was worried at first because this pillow took up a lot of space in the box… but the geniuses at POW! did a great job packing in the rest of the collectibles.

You’ll be glad to know that each box also comes with a pamphlet with a couple of stories by Stan explaining the box’s theme, and also quick descriptions of each item inside. I loved this because it told me who designed what and where it all came from. Here are the two stories from Stan for “Summer Love”:

Next, I found a sealed envelope with some weight to it. It was time for the books! Secret Empire #1 with variant cover by Mike Perkins, and a Stan Lee Box exclusive version of Stan Lee’s God Woke with Fabian Nicieza (co-creator of Deadpool) and Mariano Nicieza.

Super cool choices. I didn’t have any of these previously, so I was happy to find these inside the envelope!

Neatly tucked away underneath I found a pair of “Spidey” socks by Dead Soxy and a bubble wrapped Stan & Joanie Forever collectible cup (which could either have been a ceramic mug or a pint glass). I was very glad to have gotten the pint glass!

And at the bottom were the flat items: some “Excelsior!” stickers, a Stan Lee fun fact card, and a couple ads.

For $49.99 + shipping, you get at least $100 of value inside! Personally, I think this box in particular was worth it. And if you could save a couple more bucks then even better!

I didn’t end up being one of the 1 out of 10 who received an autograph, but who knows? Maybe next time!

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