The Brick Bar: The LEGO-Themed Pop-Up Bar

Following their successful pop-ups in London, Sydney, and Melbourne, The Brick Bar is finally making its debut in New York City at The Bogart House in Brooklyn, where they’ve utilized over 1 million bricks to create the ultimate Instagram Lego Playground!

With a local DJ pumping out the tunes all night long, attendees can expect a good time with their favorite drinks by the bar followed by activities everywhere they turn. The Brick Bar features some fantastic Lego-themed attractions that are not only perfect for your Instagram feed but they’re just plain fun!

Imagine walls & walls of base plates where you can create your own designs – anywhere from nicknames to logos, the only limit is your imagination!

Throughout the night, the DJ will announce challenges to win drink tickets. It could be as simple as being the first person to build a completely yellow smiley face or guessing how many bricks were used to build their Lego ping pong table!

The bar itself had a nice variety of drinks and for $2 extra, could be served in a Lego-themed container!

Go ahead and enjoy yourself in the lounge areas or step outside to take in that Brooklyn view right by the wishing well fountain made from bricks! Anywhere will do!

There’s also a ball pit, complete with a basketball hoop. Take a Boomerang on Instagram or play a game of HORSE after making some new friends! It gets cozy!

And if you’re really feeling it, grab one of the Lego character costumes around Brick Bar for the truest experience! Or just pose with a Lego head… That works too:

So grab your tickets today because Brick Bar is in New York for only a limited time before it moves onto a new city!

Tickets are allotted for 90 minute intervals and run until 11pm each night through Sunday, June 23, 2019. Visit Brick Bar’s website for more information and check out more photos & video below!

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