DC Super Heroes at Liberty Science Center

The Justice League Watchtower has found its way to New Jersey’s very own Liberty Science Center! Included with general admission, the new “DC Super Heroes” exhibition brings a fun & educational comic book experience to life. Learn alongside your favorite heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg as you thwart the evil efforts of popular supervillains like the Joker, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy.

Some of the activities found in the exhibition include a “Crisis Scanner” game to track down villains, training with the fastest man alive (The Flash), navigating through a laser maze in the “Museum of Ancient History”, as well as various puzzles throughout Gotham City!

The decor for the exhibition was done really well and gave off a modern Adam West Batman vibe. And even though DC Super Heroes (and the rest of Liberty Science Center) is appropriate for all ages, it’s definitely intended for younger audiences. In fact, there’s even a separate designated play area for “LSC Juniors”, 6 years & under!

But whether it’s solving The Riddler’s puzzles or fighting crime with the interactive screen, DC Super Heroes makes for a great theme park-esque experience, while putting all your superpowers to the test! So get ready to save the day as you learn, have fun, and even snap a few pics along the way! And be sure to check out the video below from the exhibition:

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