Pulp Adventurecon 2020

November 7, 2020 was the new date of the rescheduled Pulp Adventurecon in Mount Laurel, NJ where over a dozen vendors gathered at the Clarion Hotel to showcase an amazing assortment of pulp magazines, vintage comic books, paperbacks, and more!

Although Pulp Adventurecon’s Florida show was unfortunately canceled in February, the New Jersey show was able to find a new date & location while offering 7 hours of showtime for fans & collectors to browse through all the tables filled with pulp goodness. And with special guests Peter David (writer) and Daniel Horne (illustrator), attendees were able to get their favorite books signed!

I was able to get a trade paperback of ABC’s show Castle (by Marvel Comics) signed by Peter David, who was appropriately masked up as The Shadow!

And speaking of masking up, Pulp Adventurecon set in place some COVID-19 precautions like social distancing, temperature checks & tracing at the door… and everyone was offered face masks, gloves, and hand wipes!

It truly was amazing what you’re able to find! We’re talking about everything from the “pulp era” (roughly from 1900 to 1960): vintage novels (like sci-fi, military, or mystery), discount DVDs (like Twilight Zone, Tarzan, Hitchcock, and other variety shows), tons of popular magazines (like Weird Tales, Romantic Detective, and Terror Tales), and even CGC graded vintage comics!

For just a $5 admission fee, Pulp Adventurecon is perfect for pulp fans because there aren’t many shows like it around! Even if you aren’t familiar with the genre, it’s a great place to be exposed to this fascinating world and learn a few things along the way! Be sure to check out their website for more information on their next show!

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