Garden State Comic Fest (Six Flags Great Adventure 2021)

The Garden State Comic Fest Great Adventure Edition returned for Labor Day Weekend 2021 (September 4 & 5) at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ! Located in the Metropolis / Movietown section of the amusement park, fans were able to get a taste of what Garden State Comic Fest’s all about with comic book & collectibles vendors, artists, cosplayers, and celebrity guests!

Being in “Metropolis” meant that the event was surrounded by DC Comics-inspired architecture and rides like Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, and Cyborg: Cyber Spin. And with iconic DC Comics movie & TV soundtracks playing exclusively in this section, you’ll feel like you’re shopping with the Justice League… or the Legion of Doom? Check out this awesome Penguin cosplay, just one of the many cosplayers found roaming around Saturday & Sunday:

This year was particularly exciting because the celebrity guests were all voice actors who have credits in a number of DC titles. David Sobolov (interacting with a fan below) is the voice of Gorilla Grodd on the CW’s Flash series, as well as Lobo in the Young Justice animated series and various video games:

Rachel Kimsey was the voice of Wonder Woman on Justice League Action and Sarah Cravens was the voice of Power Girl in Injustice 2. All three are known for doing a multitude of other voices that may surprise you!

Just like you’d find at other conventions, the guests brought a nice selection of their own prints and items that could be signed, or you could supply your own. (Above, Sarah Cravens is signing a recently released Star Wars comic book I brought that features her character “Deathstick”.) And the same goes for all the amazing artists who were tabling at this special edition of Garden State Comic Fest:

While some artists, like Anthony Marques above, were creating art on paper they supplied, others were signing comic books or prints you might have brought along with you. But don’t worry if you didn’t bring anything! All the artists had something to offer on their tables like original art trading cards, prints & posters, and published comic books! I was able to pick up the latest issue of Anne Bonnie from Blue Juice Comics artist Nick Justus:

Other artists present this time around included Chris Ivy, Lloyd Briggery, JP Buzio, Sheek Visual Arts, and even 3rd year Kubert School students Mariano Chapo & Adrian Lynk Woolnough. Each had a unique style that’ll make you want to collect a little bit of art from everyone! Good thing the con ran for two days!

But let’s take a minute to talk about the incredible selection of collectibles here at the Garden State Comic Fest! We’re talking about comic books (anywhere from $1 to highly sought-after key issues), Funko Pops, McFarlane action figures, Lego Minifigures, Transformers, Marvel Legends, low-priced statues, and so much more! Plus, GSCF even had a booth of some fun collectibles of their own including free comic books & HBO Lovecraft Country bags, and great deals on autographed photos of past celebrity guests!

Garden State Comic Fest at Six Flags is always free to attend with park admission so if you have a Daily Pass, Membership, or a Season Pass, it’s a no brainer! You get to enjoy all that the park has to offer and walk away with some pretty incredible merch & autographs too! So be on the lookout for upcoming Garden State Comic Fest happenings so that you can come check it out for yourself next time!

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