Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Duos (Valentine’s Day 2022)

The Valentine’s Day tradition continues with even more pink Kit Kat options! Just announced by Hershey in January, the newest “Duos” flavor is the Strawberry + Dark Chocolate combination. Perfect for all you duos out there, or just to enjoy solo!

Duos are known for their double flavors and double colors. Previously released variations included “Mocha + Chocolate” and another fan favorite “Mint + Dark Chocolate”. We’ll be looking at the King Size option which weighs in at 3 oz and comes with 8 pieces, or twice the amount of a regular Kit Kat.

The Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Duos are great for Valentine’s Day because of the reddish-pink top. Plus, they clearly stand out from other boxed chocolates and seasonal packaging!

These Duos taste great with the perfect amount of strawberry-ness: strawberry flavor creme mixed with the classic Kit Kat wafers we all know & love… tied together with a nice dark chocolate base. They had a perfect snap with every bite!

And because these were an American release, they’re fairly easy to find in stores at retail price. A lot easier than our previous posts about Japanese pink Kit Kats, for sure! At about $2 per King Size bar, you can share, grab a few, or stock up to enjoy at a later time even when it’s not Valentine’s Day! If you try them, let us know what you think!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! (Check out all the other Kit Kat reviews here.)

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