Disney & Pixar’s Lightyear (Dolby Event 2022)

With the release of Disney & Pixar’s Lightyear, Dolby went all out with a special event in New York City to celebrate the first theatrical Pixar release since 2020!

Press, influencers, social media families… everybody who was willing to join Buzz Lightyear and blast to infinity & beyond was there! The event was complete with the exclusive Dolby poster (with a coloring side for kids), complimentary concessions, photo ops, and of course the best theater experience you could ask for, thanks to the crisp visuals of Dolby Vision and the spacial audio technology of Dolby Atmos!

Hosted by the Dolby Cinema at AMC Lincoln Square, this NYC location boasts state-of-the-art audio/visual systems, reclining leather seats, a balcony, and a laser-projected entryway that produces a stunning video wall to correlate with the movie. Here’s the T’Kani Prime colony building montage from the movie:

Lightyear was a spectacle of a film. Meant to be the movie that Andy saw prior to receiving his own Buzz Lightyear toy in the original “Toy Story”, it’s an inspirational story that makes you want to go and buy your very own Buzz Lightyear! Plenty of nods to the Toy Story franchise and stellar performances by Chris Evans, James Brolin, and Keke Palmer… with hilarious show-stealing moments by Peter Sohn as Sox and Taika Waititi as Mo. Definitely launch into hyperspeed to watch Lightyear in a Dolby Cinema near you!

(P.S. There’s not one… not two… but three post-credit scenes you’ll want to stick around for!)

Lightyear is rated PG with a running time of 100 minutes and hits theaters on June 17, 2022.

Special thanks to Dolby for the invitation and screening opportunity!

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