Poke Supply Co. Scarlet & Violet Release Night

To celebrate the release of the next generation of Pokemon, Poke Supply Co. hosted a release event on March 31, 2023 for “Scarlet and Violet”, the newest set of the popular trading card game. 20 vendors were hosted inside their store located in Ocean, NJ… fan favorites like Jwong Boutique, KNM Collectibles, Ayo Pop, Kanto Collectorr, Parkmonv4, and many others offering their best deals on singles, graded cards, sealed product, apparel, and more!

Running from 6-11pm, fans were able to hop between the two floors of the shop filled with the best deals on not only the new Scarlet and Violet set but past sets as well. Not to mention, the event was completely free to attend!

But one of the standout elements of this Market Night was definitely seeing AGS, or Automated Grading Systems, who was set up to offer same-day A.I. grading! With show exclusive pricing and their robograding services onsite for quick turnaround, it was a very popular booth all night long. (Check out what it’s like to grade with AGS here!)

Where else will you find this kind of Poke selection and grading service all under one roof? So definitely keep your eyes peeled to see if Poke Supply Co. will host additional events like this throughout the year!


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