Protect Your iPhone 7!

The downside of getting the newest numbered iPhone is that the plethora of accessories available for the previous model (in this case, the 6/6+/6S/6S+) is now mostly defunct. But look how shiny!

It all started when we walked around the mall and passed by the Best Buy Mobile shop with a sign that read: “Ask a blue shirt to review your mobile plan and get a free portable charger!” Who could resist that?

But thankfully that checkup allowed me to see that I was eligible for a new iPhone only 370 days after I got my iPhone 6S. Huzzah!

I know the iPhone 7 is only slightly better than my 6S but… why not, right? (Side note: I’m still getting used to having no home button since the new model uses a Taptic Engine in place of the mechanical button, which means only direct contact with skin will trigger the button.) And I opted for the 7 and not the 7 Plus because of the size, even though I would absolutely love to have that dual-lens camera! And I’m so glad I got the currently-hard-to-find Jet Black finish. The Best Buy employee really hooked me up so that I could walk out of there with this. Really grateful!

But let’s talk accessories. Naturally, with everyone talking about how the Jet Black is so susceptible to scratches, I had to immediately pick up a case and screen protector.

Like I mentioned, new phone accessories are pretty scarce, especially if you are someone who depends on multitudes & multitudes of positive reviews. They just won’t exist this early on. So I took a chance on a case by XDesign and a glass screen protector by Maxboost. Both are currently on sale on Amazon.

First, the case is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a case that matched my phone but still featured its Jet Black finish as well. And with its black bumper and clear back, this case was precisely that.

On top of that, this case has great grip. My last case was pretty slippery. Its edges were hard plastic while the above case’s bumper has a rubbery matte plastic material which makes it easy to stay in your hand with even the lightest touch. The buttons respond well and the vibrate/silent switch is easily accessible without using too much fingernail! Overall I’m very pleased, and at such a low price point too!

The screen protector, on the other hand, not so much.

Upon opening, it was mostly standard stuff… Wet wipe, dry wipe, instructions, etc. The only difference was that this 2-pack also included a “hinge” option, allowing you to “perfectly” affix the glass screen protector by pivoting it on the provided sticker hinges (like a door). I decided to apply it the old fashioned way: by eyeballing it.

It’s probably because I have a black phone that it’s noticeable but you’ll see that the edges don’t completely lay flat on the front of the phone. The lightness you see is the protector not fully pressing against the screen. It’s not terrible but it isn’t fantastic. But I’m sure it’s passable on the lighter color phones (gold/rose gold/silver).

The main thing is that my phone is now safer, and it couldn’t have been better timing. New York Comic Con is here! But more on that very soon…

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