Protect Your iPhone X!

The iPhone X (10/”Ex”) is being branded as the “most breakable iPhone”. With glass on both sides of the phone, your $999 investment (or $1,149 for the 256 gb) will be the most fragile phone you’ve ever held. And if you have a tendency of dropping your phone, the X may not be the phone for you!

But as always there are some ways to protect it.

Now, I haven’t drop tested my phone with or without the following case + screen protectors, and I don’t recommend it either! I’m sharing this post completely from a practical, affordable, and reliable sense. In fact, these items are the iPhone X versions of what I used on my iPhone 7 last year.

Here it is, fresh out of packaging and without any protection. You could’ve asked to see the phone but I would’ve had you sign a waiver!

I was a little late to the iPhone X party because my upgrade wasn’t quite eligible yet and the availability of this specific iPhone was difficult to lock down. But after a little quick research, I found this Spigen case and this Maxboost screen protector (3 pack) on Amazon. They were affordable, reviews were good, and they were the same brands from my iPhone 7 – so why not!

The case boasted some kind of “Air Cushion Technology” with a “Military Grade drop test”… I hope it won’t come to that because I’m generally careful with my phone and even more so with my iPhone X!

The case is very nice. It’s got a clear back with no branding, which makes your Apple logo clearly visible. The camera hole doesn’t protrude and protects the raised lenses of your iPhone. And the matte sides give it a nice grip, while matching the color too:

Once I peeled both sides of the protective film, I got the screen protector opened and ready. Pretty standard stuff like the dust removing stickers, wet & dry wipes, but also:

This time around, Maxboost provided a frame to use as a guide while applying the screen protectors. I decided to try it out since it seemed to fit the shape of my iPhone X pretty well.

My recommendation (if you buy these products) is to not use the guide! I had to redo the screen protector because the guide wasn’t 100% lined up with my phone. I did a much better job just eyeing it. You probably will too.

Here’s the final product. I feel much more comfortable holding this phone in my hands. Much less slippery / good grip, I barely feel the phone heat up, and the cutout of the screen protector leaves the sensors & front camera perfectly alone. (By the way, can we talk about Face ID for a moment? Wow, it’s amazing!)

I do think both of these products are improvements from their iPhone 7 versions. I’ll be curious to see if my case will work well with a Qi Wireless Charging Pad. I’ll be sure to update this post once I try. But if you guys have any case/screen protector favorites, I’d love to hear what you’ve tried in the comments section!

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