Six Flags Holiday In The Park 2016

Christmas is coming!

And if you love how Six Flags transforms during Halloween for Fright Fest (which I visited in October), then you’ll love Holiday In The Park! During this season, your nearest Six Flags might turn into a winter wonderland. My Six Flags (Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ) has only started Holiday Park in 2015, so this marks their second year of holding this event.

More than a million lights are used to decorate fixtures, trees, and other fantastic displays throughout the park. And you’re immediately welcomed by a 52-foot lit tree which celebrates the holiday season every 30 minutes through narration, music, and amazing dancing lights. It’s so worth enduring the cold to watch!

But the magic is only starting here. Pick up your Six Flags map/guide because the whole park has changed! This is also your way of checking their park hours, which sections (may be) closed off, and what events are being offered. Ours had varying events depending on if you visited on a Friday or Saturday. Read the map carefully to see where you can meet Santa (spoiler: it’s a long line) or where the nearest show is.

Some of my favorite parts of the trip were simply the color-themed sections. Some were very Christmas-y while others just reminded you of a merrier time.

If you’re a fan of photo opportunities, then you’re in luck! There are tons of standees, face-in-hole, and stationary props/displays. And also your favorite Warner Brothers Cartoon characters walking around! Flag one down to take a photo.

As you make your way throughout the park, you might be wondering if there’s anything to eat. A lot of the usual shops appeared to be open and serving food. But you’ll want to look for the Merry Market Place! Tucked away somewhere is a beautiful display of seasonal vendors where you can enjoy waffles, hot chocolate (or spiked hot chocolate), or even shop for some novelty stocking stuffers! Here’s some of what’s offered:

Once you grab your holiday treats, head on over to one of the many fire pits set up around the park and warm up! You might even get lucky and find an elf selling s’mores kits.

I couldn’t resist playing Whack-A-Mole again, aka my favorite boardwalk game. But you’ll have to watch the video to see what I won! Hint: it’s also holiday themed, just like all of the prizes during Holiday In The Park…


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