My Top 5 Super Bowl LI Commercials

Every year, the most watched show is NFL’s Super Bowl. You get to watch the AFC & NFC champions in an epic showdown. You get to watch “music’s biggest night”, the Super Bowl Halftime Show. But you also get to watch the most inspirational, ridiculous, and confusing commercials of the year.

Lady Gaga put on an amazing performance. The New England Patriots won the game. But the real winners? These commercials:

1. Stranger Things 2…

2. Wonderful Pistachios…

3. Skittles Romance…

4. Bai Bai Bai…

5. Buick…

There were commercials missing from some regular heavy hitters (like Doritos) and the overall quality of the commercials, I feel, weren’t so great. But with an average rate of $160,000 per second for a Super Bowl ad, it seems totally understandable… Which ones were your favorites?

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