Six Flags – Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 4D Ride

One of the latest rides at Six Flags Great Adventure is Justice League: Battle For Metropolis. As the sixth park to get it, I was super excited to finally check out this 4D ride, newly installed inside Movietown as a reinvented DC “Metropolis” starting with the crossing of the Metro-Narrows Bridge. This is a great shout-out to classic comics where Metropolis & Gotham City are geographically situated next to each other and separated by a bridge by the same name.

Other Metropolis goodies include eateries like Metro Grill and Munchopolis:

The bathrooms were labeled with “Metropolis Water And Power” and the observatory was renamed “Lena Luthor Science Explorarium”.

These are all great photo opportunities for DC fans, especially if you score a deal on Six Flags’ capes in the shop. There’s often a BOGO deal on capes, or specials offered with your Season Pass. But nothing will be a better photo opp than the actual Hall Of Justice itself. From the weathering of the building to the “fountain” sculpture in the front, all the details were in place for a fantastic Justice League experience.

From start to finish, this ride reminded me a lot of Universal Studios Orlando, from the line-up to the queue itself. Once you step on the line, you’re handed a slip of paper with a place number. You’re not allowed to leave & re-enter, or cut the line, for any reason. One family was removed from the line for not complying… but that’s a story for another time.

Starting from the moment we stepped on the line, it took us 1 hour to find ourselves sitting in the ride itself. But time went by rather quickly while looking at some of the amazing JL decor.

I thought the marble was well done and they even topped it off with marble-esque statues of our favorite JLA members: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman:

Even though I knew what to expect from the ride, many others didn’t. Luckily for them, there’s an animated video playing in the queue hall to explain the plot and purpose of the ride: Lex Luthor & Joker have branded the Justice League as public enemies and captured Supergirl, The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Our job is to work with Cyborg and use our EMP blasters to help Superman & Batman stop trouble throughout the city and ultimately save the Justice League, scoring points along the way.

Fans of the 90s cartoons will be glad to hear Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman. It was difficult to hear over the crowd but Joker’s voice could be Mark Hamill or a very good imitator.

And as you make your way towards the end of the wait, you enter a great hall featuring an animatronic Cyborg and more videos on a large screen. You will be divided by group size, which makes loading the cars a lot easier based on who you are riding with. I was very grateful for this because the group of 3 in front of us was very loud & wild.

Once you’re handed the 3D glasses, you’re ready for the ride itself! It runs about 4 minutes long and each car holds 6 players (3 in each row). The blasters are easy to use and are easily retractable, avoiding tangled lines in the car.

The ride itself is a lot of fun! Just imagine the Universal Studios Transformers or Men In Black ride but with a Justice League theme. The moving props throughout the ride are a nice touch (brought to you by the same makers as E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando & Hollywood). They even tell you what percentile your score falls under. My final score was a whopping 130,832! Can you beat it?

When the ride finishes, the Justice League presents everyone’s scores on a screen with black boxes, which I assume is supposed to show your face from hidden cameras (but failed). And when you exit the car, 6 smaller screens display each score with a black box as well. This path leads straight to the store:

The DC Super Hero Store is also a new addition to this area and sells many unique items only found in this store. Tons of DC souvenirs can be found here ranging from apparel, pinhole sunglasses, themed cups, plush dolls, action figures, etc.

I hope Six Flags starts to install more rides like Battle For Metropolis. It’s easily a top ride for me now. Glad I don’t have to travel all the way to Orlando to have fun like this again & again!


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