A Jack Kirby Odyssey (Jack Kirby Museum NYC Pop-Up Exhibit)

For a limited time, The Jack Kirby Museum is holding its first event of 2018… To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s adaptation of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, oversized reproductions, digital reprints, and photocopies are on display at One Art Space, an art gallery in NYC’s Tribeca area.

For the Grand Opening Celebration, museum leaders Randolph Hoppe and Tom Kraft were present, interacting with attendees, answering questions, and giving brief tours around the exhibit.

The giant reprints are so beautiful and fans of Kirby’s style will appreciate the ability to get up close with them.

Some are fairly large, while others are similar to posters:

The black and white photocopy books were also a thrill to look through!

According to acting director Randolph Hoppe, these photocopies were made by Kirby himself prior to shipping out to Marvel Comics.

There were several of these books laid out around the exhibit and you can make out the intricate details of his work. Amazing!

There were also smaller handheld digital reprint booklets all throughout the exhibit. But one of the coolest pieces of the pop-up was the oversize color Marvel Treasury Special of 2001.

The Jack Kirby Museum / Research Center did a fantastic job recreating this book and the fact that you can actually flip through and read it at a magnified level is quite the spectacle!

There were also framed originals, where you can even see remarks and corrections made via white-out. I can’t even tell you how cool it is to see actual, original Kirby art!

And many of the pieces up on the walls were accompanied by a short blurb, including a section about the King of Comics himself…

The exhibit was complete with a photo op with a life-size monolith with a Kirby-esque finish to it. Look carefully and you’ll see that it has some blue features to it:

Before you leave, be sure to check out the small gift shop set up – catalogs, collections, and even t-shirts!

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Grand Opening without some refreshments!

It was great enjoying some light bites & drinks while talking to fellow comic book enthusiasts.

But hurry because the exhibit is only around for a few days so make sure you experience the great things they have planned all weekend long!

A Jack Kirby Odyssey will run from May 11-13, 2018 at One Art Space (23 Warren St. New York, NY 10007). Admission is free but a donation is highly encouraged. For hours & a schedule of events, visit their website here.

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