Dream Machine Pop-Up Exhibit (Brooklyn, NY)

Dream Machine is a pop-up interactive exhibit in Brooklyn, NY. Designed to be tactile and shareable, Dream Machine is not only Insta-worthy, but a truly immersive experience where you can get “lost” in 10 totally dreamy rooms! Let’s take a quick look inside and at the end of this post, be sure to check out the video that goes through all the feels!

From pulsing lights to floating clouds, Dream Machine brings your subconscious to life!

If you missed the Infinity Rooms, Museum of Ice Cream, or Refinery29’s 29Rooms, you’d better hurry in to the Dream Machine before it wakes up!

Unlike your actual dreams, you’ll have the opportunity to capture the experience in each of the rooms like the vapor-filled bubbles:

Check out the video at the end of this post to see what happens when you pop one!

The room with possibly the most activity from visitors is the “laundromat”.

No, it’s not a real laundromat but there is tons of clean fun!

From cotton candy to tons of photo ops, every moment has selfie potential!

And inside the laundry machines is a secret room filled with wonder…

Step inside and get a sense of what it feels like to be in & out of reality:

With the light colors changing and the mirrors reflecting, if you haven’t taken your camera out yet, what are you waiting for??

But time to put it away because the next room is a ball pit with approximately 38,000 balls!

Here you’re reminded to empty your pockets and take off your shoes – don’t want anything to get lost in there!

Check out the watery projections on the wall, snap a fun boomerang on your Instagram story, or just enjoy your dip… it’s a ball!

And if that weren’t enough, get ready to get Willy Wonka’d down Dream Machine’s iconic trippy hallway:

This leads us to one of the last rooms, a neon forest full of exotic and imaginary plants:

And just when you thought it was all over, the final passageway is a fun-filled time all on its own!

Prepare yourself for an exit you could never dream of… tons of reflective streamers guiding you towards the end of the exhibit…

Almost like a maze, you’ll have to untangle yourself and find your way through – but careful not to bump into other dreamers!

And eventually you’ll come face to face with reality:

It was all a dream… or was it? You’ll be the judge of that! And on your way out, stop by the gift shop and share your dreams on the massive chalkboard wall!

You’ll never see anything quite like Dream Machine, so I highly recommend a visit! Bring a camera and bring a friend! (As you can see, even in my dreams I wear Star Wars!)

Dream Machine is open Thursday to Sunday with tickets only available online. It is currently exhibiting through July 2018 so don’t miss out on your chance to dream big!

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