Top 10 Posts Of 2018

2018 wasn’t just a great year for conventions (21 for me this year!) but also some amazing pop-up exhibits, food events, and grand openings too! If you’re just joining me on the site today, here’s the perfect way to jump in with some of my most popular posts of the year! Thank you to all my readers and subscribers who show support for this site & my social media channels. Hope you all have a happy new year!

1. Tasting Room At The Pint Shop NYC (Museum Of Ice Cream 2018)

2. Dream Machine Pop-Up Exhibit (Brooklyn, NY)

3. Ramen Azuma (Englewood, NJ)

4. TERRIFICON 2018 (Mohegan Sun, CT)

5. National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey (New York City)

6. The Great Philadelphia Comic Con (April 27-29, 2018)

7. Garden State Public Market Pop-Up (Paramus, NJ)

8. The Art of The Avengers and Other Heroes (Society of Illustrators NYC)

9. Pink Kit Kats! (Valentine’s Day 2018)

10. Rhode Island Comic Con 2018

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