Trio Ramen Azuma (Fort Lee, NJ)

Trio Ramen Azuma is the latest opening following the recent success of Ramen Azuma in Englewood, NJ and Soba Azuma in Fort Lee, NJ. Located on Fort Lee’s busy Main Street, Trio Ramen Azuma offers an eclectic menu offering various ramens and side dishes.

You’re welcomed in with an interior that’s a cross between modern Japanese and rustic designs. When I visited during its Grand Opening today, the ambience was tranquil yet vibrant with the activity of the open kitchen, patrons, and early 2000s music. It was quite the experience!

While you can simply order a bowl of ramen, there are also plenty of combos available that will save you a little money, versus ordering a la carte. Maybe you’ll want a side of Japanese fried chicken (karaage), gyoza, or even curry – the selection is just fantastic! For my first visit, I decided on the Trio Ramen with an order of Pork (chashu) Buns:

They were hands down my favorite pork buns in the area! The pork was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and the sauce had a slight kick to it, which is okay because I got to wash it down with the delicious chicken broth in the Trio Ramen:

Yes, chicken broth! While the Ramen Azuma in Englewood offers their ramen with pork broth, the new Fort Lee location differs by offering theirs with chicken broth. What an exciting flavor combination! All the other ingredients were consistent with their other restaurant, and continued to exceed expectations.

The bar seating here also makes for a great dining experience as you watch the diligent kitchen staff prepare the food. And if some staff members look very familiar, it’s because owner Maou Suzuki brought along some of his best people to launch the Fort Lee restaurant!

I was able to have a brief word with Maou about the recent expansion of the Azuma franchise and he hinted at some great things coming soon! So I hope you’ll have a chance to visit one of their amazing restaurants. We also discussed their menu evolution in Englewood and how it’s impacted the launch of the Fort Lee location. Having tried many of their new dishes, I’m very pleased to see some of their hits land on their latest menu!

And just as the name suggests, Trio Ramen Azuma refers to this being their third Azuma restaurant. If you haven’t checked out the others yet, be sure to visit their website ( for more information!

Trio Ramen Azuma is located at 243 Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ 07024 and is open Mon-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm.

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