Red Velvet Kit Kats (Valentine’s Day 2019)

Last Valentine’s Day, I posted about a few kinds of Limited Edition Pink Kit Kats so I thought I’d continue the tradition and share a new one this year: the Red Velvet Flavor Kit Kat! As I’ve said before, interesting & unique Kit Kat flavors periodically pop up all around the world and when I heard that there was a new Red Velvet flavor (and in the United States, at that), I just had to try it!

And unlike last year, plenty of Targets and Walmarts still have these in stock. So if you’re reading this on Valentine’s Day and you’re still in a pinch, try these out:

The miniature size is mainly what is available this year, coming in a cute 10 oz bag. The packaging indicates that a serving size is 4 pieces at 180 calories, with 8 servings per container, yielding about 32 mini Kit Kats in a bag… Mine came with 33!

Each piece is individually wrapped in Valentine’s Day themed wrappers featuring two cats (Kats?). But once you open it up, that’s where the fun begins!

Technically, nothing is actually “red” about these Red Velvet Kit Kat bars but you can pretend the white creme outside is like the cream cheese frosting of your favorite Red Velvet cake or cupcake! But it’s the inside that really pulls you in. Let’s take a look:

They’re quite addicting and the fact that they’re so tiny & come in a bag of thirty-something pieces… well, you get the idea!

Biting into one really does have a similar sensation as a Red Velvet baked good, except as a Kit Kat, of course!

And thankfully, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount like you may have (or was that just me?) for the international/overseas variants. You can easily grab a bag of these for about $3 at stores like Target or Walmart.

So sing your best “Give Me A Break” rendition and treat someone special (even if that’s yourself) to some Red Velvet Kit Kats! You know I did!

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