Valley Con 2019 (Jefferson Valley Mall, NY)

The Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown Heights, NY in conjunction with Funtime Amusements held its second annual Valley Con on July 20 & 21 throughout its two floors. With dozens of vendors, artists, and activities, Valley Con was a family-friendly event with a multitude of ways to spend your time at the mall! (And be sure to scroll to the end of this article for photos & video!)

Like many other conventions held in shopping malls, there was no admission fee to enter Valley Con, which frees up your budget to spend on some amazing collectibles found on both levels including comic books, Funko Pops, action figures, or even original art! Dragon Ball Z voice actor Josh Martin, comic book illustrator Ron Marz, and voice actor Joe Bev were just a few of the featured guests at this year’s gathering. Fans were lining up for their chance to meet the guests and possibly even walk away with an autograph.

Also on the event’s schedule were live Q&A’s, movie viewings, podcasts, and video game tournaments, as well as a fantastic children’s program organized by Incredikids with workshops for kids to tap into the power of creativity & imagination! And podcasters TMI were testing everyone’s trivia skills and offering free art prints & prizes to all the winners!

But on top of the great comic book & toy vendors Valley Con brought in was an impressive Artist Alley ranging from caricatures to face painting and professional comic book art! Artists like Will Torres, David Abrevaya, and Michael Grassia were offering prints and originals that cover a little bit of all things pop culture! I was able to pick up a Batman sketch cover from Will Torres to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman!

Both days of Valley Con were packed with exciting programming – with something different going on all throughout! Cosplay contests were even held on both days, brought to you by Hudson Valley Comic Con. It was pretty fun seeing so many costumed individuals roam the mall floors, which also offered a lot of entertaining stores like RYB Art Gallery, Hot Topic, GameStop, As Seen On TV, and All In Adventures Escape Room.

So whether you’re looking to find a rare comic book, ride a Virtual Reality dragon, or battle someone in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Valley Con seeme to have a little bit of everything for everyone! Stay tuned for the next Valley Con… and for more information on upcoming Jefferson Valley Mall events, visit their official website.

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