Comic Con For Kids 2019

Comic Con For Kids is an iHeartRadio family-friendly pop culture event in the Philadelphia area. Held on October 12 & 13 in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, this two-day convention brought in social media celebrities, comic book creators, cosplayers, and all kinds of interactive experiences all under one roof! Let’s take a look at what happened this weekend, and be sure to check out the full photo gallery and also stick around for a video recap at the end of this article!

Comic Con For Kids, or CC4K, is a great convention for all ages but is primarily geared towards younger fans. With YouTube stars such as Ali A, Clare Siobhan, Josette Pimenta, Beck Bro Jack, and Truetriz, as well as child actors Aaralyn Anderson & Ja’Siah Young, CC4K featured multiple stages that hosted panels, gaming, and meet & greets with these celebrities. In addition, several character appearances were also available for photo ops like Curious George, Pete The Cat, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and other heroes & mascots!

If you or your family have not been to a mainstream comic con before, Comic Con For Kids is a great introduction to everything a comic con will typically offer without the busyness or headache of high traffic conventions!

Everything you’d find at a bigger con can be found at CCFK, from a diverse merchandise selection to even custom handmade art pieces in Artist Alley. Comic artists like Will Torres (who created a very special oversized Spawn sketch just for the show) were available all weekend selling their comics, prints, and other art:

CCFK also invited special comic guests Adam Kubert (Marvel Comics artist) & Charles Soule (Marvel Comics writer) as well as their talented daughters Ava Kubert & Rosy Soule to greet fans. And on Saturday afternoon they made an appearance to present an insightful panel on creating comics:

Other panels & presentations throughout the weekend included a big-screen video game stream, a lightsaber presentation by the Saber Guild, an escape room, cosplay karaoke, dance parties, and even trivia! But one of my favorite moments was when Warrior Island Comics took the stage!

Warrior Island promotes books which aim to advocate anti-bullying and moral principles. Bringing on board real life martial arts masters, they presented a number of breathtaking demonstrations on karate & kung fu, with even some audience participation (be sure to see the video at the end of the article for more):

Comic Con For Kids never seemed to have a dull moment! The expo center was constantly bustling with great energy with all of the various stations spread throughout the show floor. There were video games setups, board game sections, card game tables, LEGO demos, and fantastic cosplay corners featuring The Philadelphia Avengers, The 501st Legion, Web-Warriors, and even an actual life-size Optimus Prime replica!

And as if all of that were not enough, feast your eyes on the aisles & aisles of creative & talented works of artists who make fandoms come to life! Freelance artists Sara Madura, Ben Harvey, and Tom Amici were just some of the artists I got to meet throughout the weekend. Offering anything from custom trading cards to poster-sized originals, these artists will often have completed pieces available for sale or are able to create something brand new from scratch based on your own idea!

Here, Sid Venblu is working on a commission piece, colored and ready to go! Meanwhile other vendors were selling unique handmade products like “Ultimate Pillow Fight” with their comic book themed plush weapons!

If you or your kids are interested in comic cons but the “big ones” are sometimes too much of a headache, Comic Con For Kids is perfect for you! Not only does it have a little bit of everything, it truly is a polished event that brings in top notch talent and programming too. And with affordable admission and free parking, CCFK is a great way to experience all the best parts of a con without the stress!

Be sure to check out the full photo gallery online as well as the video recap below. And for more information on Comic Con For Kids and their next event, stay tuned through their official website.

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