Six Flags Holiday In The Park 2019

“Holiday In The Park” returns to your local Six Flags theme park from November 16 to January 1 and features millions of twinkling lights, holiday treats, and special costumed appearances!

While Six Flags locations typically offer special events throughout the year, Holiday In The Park is by far the most festive! Step inside as your favorite theme park is transformed into a magical winter wonderland. Be sure to scroll through to get a glimpse of what to expect inside, and stick around for a video walkthrough at the end of this article!

You’ll see that trees, poles, and fixtures are all covered in beautiful lights throughout the park. Every step of the way is a potential photo opportunity, so grab your ugly holiday sweaters and smile!

From the most grandiose displays to the subtlest holiday trees, Six Flags takes care of every detail and represents multiple holidays to make it as inclusive as possible.

For the adrenaline fans, it’s important to note that while not every ride will be open during Holiday In The Park, many favorites are still available (your mileage may vary). But tons of other attractions can be found that are exclusive to Holiday In The Park like a cirque performance, live Christmas caroling, meeting Santa Claus, and other costumed characters!

Some parts of your park may be closed off, so it’s handy to grab a map on your way in or use the official Six Flags app to see what’s actually open during this event.

But if you’re lucky, in between rides or just wandering through the illuminated park, you’ll come across hidden gems like this sparkling archway:

And not only are there decorated trees but larger than life presents, ornaments, and more!

All the while, you can enjoy treats like s’mores or holiday themed drinks (including alcoholic versions) from multiple vendors at the Merry Market Place or picking up a kit from the holiday fire pits spread out all across the park!

Near the end of our stay we enjoyed a nice couple of hot s’mores by the fire:

But everything is just absolutely fantastic and festive all throughout! Even the boardwalk games and claw machines are stocked with holiday themed prizes! So brush up on your Whack-A-Mole skills and win something jolly!

If you’re a fan of the holidays and all the decorations that come with them, Holiday In The Park at Six Flags is a must!

And keep your eyes peeled because you never know if your Six Flags will have a snow maker, which is particularly special if you live in a warmer region of the country!

But as always, the highlight of Holiday In The Park is the 52-foot lit tree near the entrance that celebrates the holidays with a special presentation complete with graphics & music! The tree stays lit and changes even as the show takes a break, too:

Check your local Six Flags park for Holiday In The Park dates & hours. You won’t want to miss it this holiday season!

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