Fanfaire NYC 2020

The 3rd annual Fanfaire NYC at the High School of Art & Design was even bigger & better than ever! Held from February 8-9, this year’s show brought in over 125 artists & vendors. With programming filling up both days, the school’s students & teachers can attend this show at a discounted rate to encourage networking, portfolio reviews, and other opportunities to mingle with some of the industry’s best. Headliner guests this year included: HSAD alumni & legendary artist Neal Adams, Ren & Stimpy co-creator Bob Camp, Cartoon Network’s Abe Audish, DC Comics artist Klaus Janson, graphic designer Chip Kidd, and legendary artist David Mazzucchelli.

Fanfaire NYC redefines what you may think of “comic cons” by making the show all about the creative side in you, whether that’s a specialty in cartooning, graphic design, directing, fashion, or even gaming! There were even designated areas to play some retro video games and board games:

You could literally get lost in all the things you can find here. Luckily, there’s a program guide as well as maps throughout the school to help you find the guest or vendor you’re looking for!

We’re talking about art supplies, comic books, prints, and even Funko Pops!

Sword of Truth Comics not only brought along his rarest Pops (including exclusives & chase variants) but tons of comic books as well! He had boxes filled with discount books, key issues, first appearances, as well as a collection of hard to find wall books and CGC slabbed books as well.

And one of the great things about this year’s Fanfaire is the addition of a CGC Facilitator who can witness your comics or photos being signed in order to be submitted for encapsulation and grading. This is perfect for the comics you’d want to get signed by the amazing artists who are at the show.

Isaac Goodhart from DC Comics had his display of Postal trade paperbacks, his work from the latest 100-page Birds Of Prey comic, as well as the highly acclaimed DC graphic novel “Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale”:

He’s currently working on his next DC graphic novel: “Victor And Nora” based on Mr. Freeze.

Angel Santiago also returned this year with all new material! Representing Amazing Action Comics, Angel had the first two issues of Project Shadow Breed along with their homage variant covers & limited edition trading cards. Angel is currently working on a new book called “Red Hyena” hitting shelves in April.

It was exciting to see so many other artists at Fanfaire, too, as they were selling sketches or taking commissions over the weekend. And even artists who were not tabling at the show were walking around to get valuable feedback from established creators in the industry.

One of the show’s sponsors, The Kubert School along with president Anthony Marques, was offering portfolio reviews as well as more information on its coursework and program offerings.

And while other professionals held portfolio reviews during panel hours, fans could also attend a multitude of other sessions including screenings, career Q&A’s, inking workshops, and the annual Cosplay Competition!

Featuring cosplay judges Joker’s Harley, KofitnessNYCosplay, and the school’s principal Max Re-Sugiura, this year’s Grand Prize winner walked away with $200 plus a professional photo shoot!

But that wasn’t the only place to find cosplayers because you’re bound to find even more walking down the aisles & enjoying the show too!

Here’s a group of fans who were hanging out by the video game hall:

And just like their previous shows, Fanfaire NYC is all about supporting the High School of Art & Design. So not only do you get to enjoy the show by attending, but supporting the fundraisers, PTA, and merch tables really helps too – it’s a win-win!

So if you’re looking for a fresh way to experience a con, maybe Fanfaire NYC is for you! It’s an affordable show with a lot of great content & benefits for the community, too. Be sure to check out more photos in the gallery as well as our video recap below! For more information on Fanfaire NYC like future dates & guest announcements, check out their website.

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