The Mall Collectibles Show (Winter 2020)

The Mall Collectibles Show returned February 15 & 16 to the Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick, NJ. For two days, collectors and regular mall shoppers alike could find themselves hunting for vintage & modern collectibles like Matchbox Cars, Lego Minifigures, full trading card sets, Happy Meal toys, video games, original movie posters, and even sports photos & memorabilia like autographed footballs! (Be sure to swipe through the gallery at the end of this article for photos & a video.)

From the organizers of other New Jersey collectors’ shows like ToyConNJ, Comic Art Con, and the Wayne NJ Toy Show, Veteri Productions brought on board 50+ tables right inside the mall – which means no admission fee! In a day and age where it’s getting harder to find the latest toys on store shelves, an event like The Mall Collectibles Show allows you to connect with vendors who share your same hobby & passion for collecting!

I attended Spring 2019’s show which also had a comic book artist tabling. And while the Winter 2020 show did not have any artists or celebrity appearances, it was still packed with great deals, nostalgic paraphernalia, and rarities too: on display were a handful of hard-to-find key issue comic books (not to mention some CGC slabbed Signature Series books), as well as autographed movie posters!

On top of all of that, the show is built into the very halls of the the Brunswick Square Mall and you can easily resume normal shopping activity. In fact, it’s stationed nearby the GameStop & FYE stores which also carry a great assortment of collectibles!

And, of course, tons of fan favorite Funko Pops filled up tables ranging from exclusives to chase variants. These tables always attracted a lot of enthusiasts and if that’s up your alley, it’s always best to arrive early to The Mall Collectibles Show! But if there’s something you don’t see, don’t get discouraged – ask a vendor to see if they have it in storage because more often than not, they have way more inventory than you see inside the mall!

The Mall Collectibles Show will continue to hold events seasonally in the Brunswick Square Mall. Be sure to stay updated via their website for upcoming dates & information.

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