South Coast Toy And Comic Show 2020

The South Coast Toy And Comic Show returned in a big way this year! After a short break since their last show in 2014, this collectibles show filled two epic banquet halls in Venus de Milo in Swansea, MA. On February 22 & 23, collectors were able to access over 75 vendors and 25 artists for a super low admission!

(Be sure to see more photos in the gallery and the video at the end of this article!)

Vendors specialized in all kinds of collectibles like posters (above), pixel art, trading cards, action figures, DVDs, and yes, tons & tons of Funko Pops:

And those who were lucky enough to be the first 100 guests each day received a special gift from the show!

All throughout the venue, fans were scattered looking for the best deals on vintage & modern collectibles. And even though the South Coast Toy And Comic Show isn’t technically a “comic con”, it still felt like one – from fun photo ops with the Massachusetts Ghostbusters or the lifesize Simpsons display benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

There was also a lot of fan cosplayers roaming around too! Check out these passionate Star Wars cosplays:

We were able to snag a photo with a couple of comic book creators as well as score some original art from artists Craig Rousseau and David Dunn:

Other featured artists at the show included: Buzz, Ian Chase Nichols, Joe St. Pierre, and Dylan Andrews. But with 25+ artists in-house, you could walk away with some great comic book content on top of your toys & collectibles!

Some creators were offering show specials, discounted commission opportunities, or just wicked cool art in general.

3D Printing by Muckychris was present with all his latest statues, keychains, lightswitch covers, and his super popular prop replicas from the hit Disney Plus show The Mandalorian! Plus Bill Diamond (and his fantastic array of puppets), Travis Landry with Bruneau & Co. auctions, and PlayStation VR Beat Saber all had special booths for the show!

But probably one of the coolest displays at the South Coast Toy And Comic Show was the DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future!

Parked right out front of the Venus de Milo with BTTF soundtrack blasting, you could take a seat in Doc Brown’s greatest invention and take a closer look with your own very eyes!

Which is great because maybe now we can jump to next year’s South Coast Toy And Comic Show!

If you’re in the New England area, be sure to visit their website for 2021 dates & additional information – plus more photos online & our video below!

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