Wayne NJ Toy Show (July 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many events to go virtual these past few months. But as things begin to slowly normalize, the Wayne NJ Toy Show made a comeback this past weekend as one of the first shows in the tri-state area to resume in-person gatherings! Let’s check out what this show is all about and be sure to watch the video at the end of this article.

For over 30 years, the Wayne NJ Toy Show has held monthly toy shows with amazing local vendors specializing in both vintage and modern toys & collectibles. And on July 5, the Wayne Firehouse was once again filled with the best & hottest toys that collectors are looking for!

The first, and probably most important, question you’re asking is: “How safe was the show?”. And while nothing is safer than staying at home, the show organizer Veteri Productions announced that they would be taking the proper precautions to make the show as safe as possible. This included a mask requirement for entry, a capacity limit, separate entrance/exit points, spaced out vendor booths, and even an extra outdoor section for additional vendors! Some vendors even went the extra mile to have hand sanitizer available for attendees as they shopped!

And safety isn’t the only thing that the Wayne NJ Toy Show promised… but tons & tons of toys!

With over 50 tables all around the Firehouse, you’re bound to find something that’ll either take you back to your childhood or remind you of the latest items on your wishlist… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Transformers, WWE, Hot Wheels, comic books, video games, and yes, especially Funko Pops!

Remember, the Wayne NJ Toy Show is always a one-day a month event – so whatever the vendors bring is whatever they’ve got for the day… until next month! So the trick for a great toy show like this is to arrive as early as possible. The regular 9am-2pm entry is $5 but the early bird entry gets you in an hour earlier at 8am for only $8! Kids 8 & under always enter for free, and it was so fun to see them do their own toy hunting:

But all in all, what an amazing toy show that’s fit for all ages with a little bit of everything for everyone! From the safety measures to the retro music playing in the background, every detail of the Wayne NJ Toy Show seemed to be taken care of. This was my first time attending the show and I was pleased to see such a wide variety of collectibles! I walked out with a few Star Wars figures myself, but be sure to see additional photos here and watch a quick walk-through video of the show below. And please visit the official Wayne NJ Toy Show site for details on their next event on August 2!

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