SPYSCAPE HQ (NYC’s Spy Museum Reopens)

Let’s take a look inside NYC’s spy museum & exhibition re-opening on Friday, August 28! All content in this article was collected prior to the pandemic, and new ‘COVID-secure‘ guidelines have been set for all visitors and staff.

SPYSCAPE is a spy museum that opened in early 2018 in NYC. Guests navigate through the exhibit with a scannable RFID wristband that activates various stations throughout the museum. Your performance & skills are assessed and by the end of the exhibit you are debriefed using a system developed by a former British Intelligence training officer, and you will be assigned one spy role (out of 10) that you’re best suited for like Agent Handler, Hacker, Special Ops, or Spycatcher.

Some of the abilities you’ll be tested on include brain power, agility, and attention to detail. There was training on lie detection, code breaking, and agility… Yes, there was a laser maze!

Be sure to check out the video at the end of this article to see even more like the Briefing Lift (the world’s largest passenger elevator fitted with wall-to-wall screens for your mission briefing)!

When you’re not busy completing missions, SPYSCAPE gives you a closer look at spy-related facts and memorabilia like historical attire, gadgets, and other tools. As much as it’s interactive, the museum is also very informative and full of interesting content, even pulling props from popular spy movies like Benedict Cumberbatch’s “The Imitation Game” and the James Bond franchise.

And now the museum offers a dedicated 007xSPYSCAPE Driven portion that features 007’s Aston Martin DB5 and other behind the scenes peeks. Fans of the James Bond films are sure to enjoy it!

Taking your time through the entire museum took about 2 hours and there were plenty of displays for photo opportunities, perfect for all espionage enthusiasts! Compared to some other spy museums we’ve visited, SPYSCAPE seems to be geared towards an older demographic but children will still enjoy the exhibition and learn a lot more historical context too.

But whether it’s learning about Anonymous, participating in a surveillance exercise, or narrowing down a suspect list, SPYSCAPE is bound to keep you on your toes! And what’s an exhibit without a gift shop? Tons of merchandise is available for sale on your way out so be sure to check out the apparel, gadgets, books, and so much more!

SPYSCAPE HQ is a must visit in NYC if you’re into espionage, mysteries, or interactive exhibits in general. There are a lot of cool takeaways and the RFID wristband is an included souvenir that you can take home!

For a limited time, SPYSCAPE is offering a special reopening Buy One Get “Bond” Free admission deal to their 007 exhibit. Visit their official site for booking and more information regarding their August 28 reopening.

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