The Mall Collectibles Show (Summer 2020)

The Mall Collectibles Show returned to the Brunswick Square Mall (East Brunswick, NJ) for the first time since quarantine on August 15 & 16! Brought to you by the same organizers as ToyConNJ, Comic Art Con, and the Wayne NJ Toy Show, Veteri Productions worked with the mall to deliver another great show with safety measures in place like social distancing and requiring masks on at all time.

In a time where major comic cons are unable to gather, events like The Mall Collectibles Show are a great way to scratch that con itch and get some neat collectibles along the way! This summer’s event had 50+ tables with collectibles such as Funko Pops, comic books, video games, trading cards, wrestling figures, autographed photos, apparel, and art! (Be sure to check out the photo gallery and watch the video rundown at the end of this article for more!)

As always, admission to The Mall Collectibles Show is absolutely free! Unlike ticketed conventions, this show is built into the mall itself with tables filling the halls alongside the kiosks. What’s great about this is that you can intertwine your hunt for collectibles with your regular shopping… or maybe hunting for collectibles is your regular shopping! And while many vendors like the one above offered an assortment of collectibles, others specialized in one specific kind of collectible like Anthony & Artlee from NRG Comics:

NRG Comics is a fan favorite at the show, offering great deals on back issues and rare variant comics. This particular weekend they also displayed a couple CGC graded Clayton Crain signed Venom books! And once in a while they’ll have additional collectibles like Funko Pops, which is always a popular item among fans. Many vendors carried Funko Pops but because of the immense demand & rarity for specific figures, you can never have too many!

Suzanne Glatt of Suz Customs (above) had her collection of award-winning custom made Pops on display at the show. You’ll find all kinds of customization effects like glittered, bronzed, and even glow in the dark! And that’s what’s great about this show: there are just as many custom pieces as there are anything else. For instance, Monster Mash Custom Action Figures brought an amazing lineup of custom articulated 3.75″ figures of characters from both DC Comics & Marvel Comics… These are characters or appearances that were never officially released by licensed companies – but the detail and intricacy put into them is amazing:

On top of all of that, at the show you’ll be able to find everything you wish you had growing up & beyond! We’re talking about video consoles, sports memorabilia, Hot Wheels, Legos… you name it! And because many of these vendors are comic con regulars, it’s possible that they have even more inventory stored away – so don’t be shy if you’re looking for something specific! Every show is packed with hard to find items from every decade whether it’s this year’s latest McFarlane DC Comics figures or vintage Kenner Star Wars playsets. Luckily we walked away with some autographed items & retro trading card packs from Ken of Super Megashow. It’s a fantastic time!

Plus, it couldn’t be safer at The Mall Collectibles Show. If you’re already comfortable shopping at a mall, then this will be no different for you. People were being respectful of personal space, masks stayed on, and many vendors even had hand sanitizer available on their tables! So if you’re in the market for some collectibles, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next Mall Collectibles Show on the Veteri Productions site or the Brunswick Square Mall site.

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