Oktoberfest 2020 at Tranquillity Farms

Oktoberfest was a 3-day event hosted at Tranquillity Farms in Andover, NJ from September 18-20 and featured food by James Off Main, beer & hard seltzer by Czig Meister Brewing, craft vendors, live music, and farm activities like hay rides, pumpkin launchers, and a corn maze! Spread across four 4-hour sessions, the event followed state COVID-19 capacity guidelines by limiting attendance with timed ticket entry and enforcing social distancing & masks.

With the $10 admission, guests could enjoy a number of things to do across Tranquillity Farms’ 800 acres, with even a great lawn to enjoy the live bands that played at each session: Love Loud Band, Noble Brothers, Cirotti Trio, and Bright Eyed Deliverance. (Be sure to check out the photos & video at the end of this article!)

Meanwhile, the vendor tables were alive with creativity! Over 2 dozen tables with specialized crafts were out, including metalwork, scented candles, jewelry, apparel, coffee, pottery, and even dog treats! A couple of noteworthy vendors were Jackie Stier’s Copper Creations who had some brand new copper art designs since I last saw her and Mike Bender’s State Plate Signs who re-purposes old license plates to create innovative art pieces.

But the busiest part of Oktoberfest at Tranquillity Farms was definitely the food & drinks. The event’s menu was prepared by James Off Main and included Oak Smoked Beef Ribs, Pretzel Crusted Chicken Tenders, Bavarian Sausages, Oktoberfest Fries, and a Spinach, Roasted Beets & Local Apple Salad! (Alternatively, the farm had its own stand serving simple snacks like hot dogs, pretzels, apple cider donuts, and ice cream.) Czig Meister Brewing provided the beer & hard seltzers and while there was a bit of a wait, the weather was so nice and you could conveniently order your meal online while you waited!

Tranquillity Farms has an amazing story which you can read here, and on top of all of that, guests were able to enjoy the farm’s market & garden center before heading home! Be sure to keep an eye out for other upcoming events that they host!

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