My Top 5 Super Bowl LV Commercials

It’s the rematch we’ve wanted since Week 12 as the Kansas City Chiefs went head-to-head against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and, man, who expected a game like this! With the Bucs winning (31-9), what a 7th win for Tom Brady.

Plus, The Weeknd switched things up and made the Pepsi Halftime show “cinematic” (read: interesting) with his personal $7 million investment to feature fireworks and tons of closeup shots. But we’re here to take a closer look at my 5 favorite commercials from Super Bowl LV. Each 30 second ad cost roughly $5.5 million this year and even though SNL teased some parodies last night, some of the heavy-hitters like Budweiser, Pepsi, and Hyundai decided not to air ads this year.

So take a look, and let me know if you had other favorites!

1. Drake From State Farm

Just when I thought I was over “Jake” commercials… But being a big fan of wordplay, this last-minute twist just made the ad so much funnier.

2. Paramount+ Expedition

There was a series of Paramount+ commercials all night long and, while no one really looks forward to yet another streaming service, you gotta hand it to Paramount for these clever ads… Especially for incorporating the one & only Patrick Stewart (and Stephen Colbert, too, I guess) as the payoff!

3. “The Neighborhood” (DoorDash)

I mean, what’s not to love? Sesame Street, Daveed Diggs, a catchy jingle… I don’t think there were any other wholesome ads that stood a chance!

4. “It Wasn’t Me” (Cheetos)

It was a tough call between this and the Matthew McConaughey Doritos 3D commercial but alright, alright, alright… how can you say no to a Shaggy parody AND cameo?

5. Major Melon Mountain Dew

And the commercial that’s buzzing all over Twitter is the John Cena “Major Melon” Mountain Dew ad / contest for $1 million! Mountain Dew challenged viewers to tweet how many Dew bottles they counted to win $1 million (up to 3 entries per person). So you can imagine just how many tweets were filling up the Twitterverse! Did you participate? Or even better, did you win?

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