Sakura Japanese Sake Kit Kats (Valentine’s Day 2021)

It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition here at LesDudis to take a look at a limited flavor of Nestlé’s (or Hershey’s, here in the states) Kit Kat. And since this past year was a bit more on the “sucky” side, I thought I’d mix things up with “Sake” (pronounced /sakeh/)!

That’s right! The Sakura Japanese Sake flavor is a fun Cherry Blossom edition of Sakura & sake… with actual 0.07% alcohol content (so, it’s not recommended for children or those who don’t drink alcohol)!

Cherry Blossom Festivals typically occur in the springtime so this might be a little early… But by the time you get these shipped to you (unless your local Asian supermarket has them), they ought to be right on time for you to enjoy! And with 12 minis in each bag, you’re looking at a serving size of 2 minis (or 4 bars) at 130 calories.

The Kit Kats are a light pink color just as you’d expect from a Sakura flavored treat and you immediately get a whiff of the sweetness that awaits! I found that these Kit Kats tend to melt easier than your normal bars so be sure to store them in a cool place or even in the fridge so that you can treat yourself (or your Valentine) later!

We’ve got the classic Kit Kat wafer inside and the flavored chocolate on the outside where you definitely taste the floral Sakura flavor, as well as a tiny kick of sake. But it’s a sweet blend that’s reminiscent of cherry white chocolate – emphasis on the sweet!

But the Sakura Japanese Sake Kit Kats are definitely meant for special occasions, or for sharing, because it’ll cost you about $10 per bag! So savor them for sure. Plus with such cute packaging, why not take your time enjoying them?

If your local Asian market doesn’t carry these Kit Kats, there are several online stores that do! Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day! (And you can check out the other Kit Kat reviews here.)

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