Inside The Brand New “Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash”

The doors to the brand new edition of “Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash” opened today, February 22, just one block away from its old location of 23 years. Now adorned with an all new entryway filled with geekdom, the relocated comic book shop at 65 Broad St, Red Bank, NJ is a brighter version of its predecessor with everything you loved about the former Stash (which also served as the main location of all 7 seasons of AMC’s Comic Book Men) and more!

But on top of the typical racks of comic book new releases, back issues, and collectibles you’d find at other comic book shops, Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is also the premier destination for all things View Askewniverse, Kevin Smith’s cinematic universe. Scattered all across the store are props from Smith’s fan favorite films like Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks, Dogma, Tusk and even the latest Jay And Silent Bob Reboot. (Be sure to swipe through the images at the end to get a glimpse inside!)

And because Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes occasionally visit the area (like when we enjoyed the Mooby’s pop-up restaurant last fall), there are a lot of items pre-autographed and ready to go! We’re talking about exclusive Funko Pops, comic books, DVDs, you name it! In fact, for a limited time, the new store has a special on autographed 8×10 photos of AMC’s Comic Book Men signed by the entire cast. And who knows? When you visit, you might even get to meet some of them… because I sure did!

The new space makes great use of the square footage and I really dig the layout, which makes finding products really easy. And while it’s still undergoing some facelifts, you can clearly see the all-new dedicated space for the TESD (Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!) podcast as well as the legendary Quick Stop sign that’s just the beginning of the forthcoming Leonardo, NJ storefront replica.

So hurry in and get first dibs on some of the best stuff around before the official Grand Opening Ceremony next month! Whether you’re itching to see the iconic Buddy Christ statue, wanting to take a selfie with “Iron Bob”, or you just miss that sweet red Jim Lee art door (which is still totally preserved & framed, by the way), I assure you The Secret Stash is open and ready for you!

Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is now located at 65 Broad St, Red Bank, NJ 07701.

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