The Mall Collectibles Show (Summer 2021)

Kicking off their first event of the year, The Mall Collectibles Show was back at the Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick, NJ on June 26 & 27 for good old-fashioned collectible hunting in the mall’s Center Court! With over 50 vendor tables, the show’s organizer (Veteri Productions) was able to bring a little “comic con” magic by having all kinds of geeky & pop culture items for sale.

Just when you thought that the days of finding fun things at the mall like toys & trading cards were long gone, the Mall Collectibles Show brings the hottest in collecting right within reach! Action figures, Funko Pops, video games, comic books, trading cards, and even Beanie Babies could be found up & down the halls of the mall. And we’re just getting started…

This isn’t your typical “toy show” because not only can you find vintage & modern toys for sale but also some one-of-a-kind items like art prints & canvases, celebrity-autographed posters, genuine animation cels, and even handmade bags & accessories featuring original art by Patricia Eclipse Bahlke, who was also selling vintage Pokemon memorabilia from their own personal collection. And Pokemon fans needn’t worry about finding things to buy!

With Pokemon (and the trading card hobby in general) being as hot as it is, there indeed were several vendors with amazing Pokemon products. NRG Comics, P Los Pops, and Pokemon Puller (above) all carried rare finds like out-of-print booster packs, graded slabs, and ultra-rare cards. And with retail shops struggling to keep their shelves stocked, shows like this are the perfect opportunity for you to find what you want & need.

The same goes for the availability of Funko Pops… At The Mall Collectibles Show, there’s no shortage of Pops. From store exclusives to chase variants, somebody’s gonna have you covered (and that’s no surprise, coming from a company that puts on NJ’s very own Pops, Pins, & Patches Show)! It’s just such an absolute blast exploring all that’s offered at each of these shows because you never know what you’ll find:

The next Mall Collectibles Show is scheduled for December 11 & 12 and we highly recommend going as early as possible so that you don’t miss out on getting something special! Whether you’re looking for Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, vintage board games, or the latest McFarlane DC Multiverse figures, every collector can find a little bit of something here. And since the show is integrated into the mall itself, it’s always a nice bonus to shop around some of the neat stores already there. So be on the lookout on the Brunswick Square Mall’s page for more upcoming event announcements… and happy hunting!

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