The Winter Extravaganza Card Show 2022 (White Plains, NY)

JP Sports & Rock Solid Promotions kicked off the new year with their Winter Extravaganza held at the Westchester Marriott in White Plains, NY from January 15-16, 2022. As the largest sports card show in the tri-state area, it boasted hundreds of vendor tables along with raffles, baseball & hockey athlete signers, an appearance by Seinfeld’s Larry Thomas, free packs for kids, authentication services, and a low admission of only $10 per day!

You won’t find a larger or more diverse selection of sports memorabilia or trading cards in the area! Each room and hallway truly maximized the number of tables, featuring anything & everything from trophies, helmets, bobbleheads, photos… you name it! If you’re looking for autographed official sportswear, you’ve got it! Signed baseball bats, balls, and Funko Pops? Check!

And while there were a few vendors selling non-sports items like Pokemon cards, Marvel/DC comics & cards, and signed posters, the main focus of the show was still sports trading cards: vintage cards, signed cards, relic cards, sealed packs & boxes, and even mystery packs that vendors assembled for adventurous collectors! And if you’re really eagle-eyed, you’ll even catch a few opportunities to walk away with absolutely free cards through vendors like Fresh D Cards and Primetime Collect (by doing something as simple as signing up for a newsletter)!

JP’s Winter Extravaganza is also known for bringing in a lot of amazing signers and this year is no different. There were 25 MLB & NHL athletes present at the show including Don Mattingly, Joe Girardi, David Cone, Keith Hernandez, and Darryl Strawberry. Fees varied from player to player and depended on the item being signed, with some even offering a custom inscription for an additional fee! And if authentication is important to you, there were a couple of options available at the show to certify your autographs with companies like Beckett and JSA.

CGC Cards even made a rare at-show appearance to offer their grading services as well! Whether you were bringing in your personal collection or you found a few gems while at the show, CGC had super helpful & knowledgeable staff to get you started. You could even spin their giveaway wheel to win prizes like an official CGC/CSG loupe or a sample card slab!

So whether you’re a casual collector or a longtime enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to check out JP Sports & Rock Solid Promotions card shows. They’re not just for buying but also for trading & connecting with other fans! Winter Extravaganza 2022 was definitely an impressive event with the biggest collectibles, trading card, and Ultra Pro selection I’ve ever seen. Be sure to check their show calendar to see when their next show will be held.

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