T&L Trading Card Show (January 2022)

T&L Baseball Cards, Inc. held their first Trading Card Show of the year on January 22, 2022 at the Holiday Inn in South Plainfield, NJ. Intended to be a monthly show, T&L kicked off the new year with 20 tables of vendors specializing in all things trading cards: unopened boxes, singles, autographs, mystery bundles, and even sports memorabilia & collectibles!

$1 gets you in the door for the 5-hour event and even entitles you to a free pack of Topps baseball cards! Show organizers Sab Guerriero & Tommy Visicaro also had a newsletter signup form so that you could stay up-to-date with future happenings.

The T&L Card Show is a very mellow & easygoing show, great for collectors of all levels. It’s a great place to find a variety of sports cards, graded cards, vintage packs, and even cards as cheap as a quarter… You’ll even come across the occasional Pokemon, Star Wars, and other pop culture themed cards! Stay tuned to their Facebook page for the next Card Show which is currently slated for February 19, 2022.

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