Woodbridge Card Show (January 2022)

The Woodbridge Card Show returned to the Hampton Inn (Woodbridge, NJ) on January 22, 2022. Complete with 50 tables of sports & non-sports trading cards, supplies, sports memorabilia, and collectibles, the show ran from 10am-3pm for only $3… or only $5 to enter an hour early at 9am to secure the best of deals!

A major difference from the last time we attended was the usage of the foyer area, which not only allowed for additional vendors but also made the show feel even more spacious:

With the continuing boom in the Pokemon collecting hobby, many tables were carrying the latest products from the popular TCG game including what’s believed to be the now out-of-print 25th Anniversary Celebrations collection. But even if you’re looking for Pokemon singles, the vintage Topps cards, or graded cards, the Woodbridge show has got you covered!

Because it continues to be difficult to submit cards to top grading companies like PSA, Beckett, and CGC, finding already graded cards at events like the Woodbridge show is a great way to complete your collection. And it’s not just TCG cards like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic but, of course, sports cards too! We’re talking about autograph cards, refractors, rookies, and so on!

On top of the trading card aspect of the show, there were also tons of unique memorabilia for sale. Typically at the Woodbridge Card Show you’ll find things like signed jerseys, miniatures, a variety of sports balls, and this time there were even replica championship rings:

Occurring almost twice a month, the Woodbridge Card Show is a must-see for fans of all kinds of cards: vintage, modern, sealed, singles, graded, and raw! We certainly walked out with a bag full of swag and hopefully you will too! Be sure to arrive early for their next show on February 5 and maybe you’ll even come across these one-of-a-kind Pokemon cookies.

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