Smithville Art Walk (Spring 2022)

The Smithville Art Walk returned for its 21st event on April 23! Held biannually in the Spring & Fall at the Historic Smithville & Village Greene, the first show of 2022 took advantage of the beautiful weather and showcased 50 artists embedded into the iconic scenery of Smithville (Galloway, NJ). Running from 10am-5pm with free admission, you could feast your eyes on all kinds of art including canvas art, photography, custom apparel, stained glass, comic book art, and even jewelry!

Local legends Mark & Mark from Weird NJ (above) returned to meet fans of the Garden State travel magazine, as well as many fan favorite handcrafted vendors: Pharos Creative Studios showed off their latest Convictor comic book series, 8bitfusion had their popular pixel art pieces, Bob of Glowmania displayed tons of his glow-in-the-dark art, author JR Warnet brought his latest novels, and more!

Geek Boy Press (above) was also back with their newly designed Peacemaker t-shirts from the DC Comics show on HBO Max, along with their other geeky apparel, art prints, and custom designed enamel pins! If you’ve never attended a Smithville Art Walk before (here’s a video from 2021), it’s literally overflowing with art of all mediums! We’re talking about woodwork, keychains, etched glass, stickers, assorted paintings, custom coasters, and a newer vendor Saga Stylez with some fun anime inspired art:

All the while, you can explore the Smithville village grounds and discover the already existing quaint shops and eateries… I recommend Fred and Ethel’s Lantern Light Restaurant and Tavern but don’t forget to check out some of the Art Walk’s drink/snack vendors like Catfight Coffee and Jenni Cakes! But look out, you never know who’s watching (just kidding, it’s just the folks from Horror/365!):

But the list goes on and on: Judy Martys art, Wayne Lucina art, Popsicart 3D art, Melissa Hood art, Crystal Bunny Designs, and so many more talented artists that you’ll just need to see for yourself! Hosted by Smithville’s very own Underground shop, you won’t be disappointed by the curated selection of art at these shows. With the next Art Walk scheduled for September 17, be sure to stay up to date on the official website so that you don’t miss out!

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