AutographFest (2022 Debut)

AutographFest made a huge splash with its debut on May 13-15, 2022. Hosted by Probstein123, one of eBay’s top sellers, this 3-day memorabilia & trading card super show featured nearly 300 tables of vendors, graders, authenticators, artists… and showstopping appearances by celebrities and athletes like Mariano Rivera, Lamar Odom, Ric Flair, Goldberg, Pete Rose, Mike Tyson, Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi actor Larry Thomas, and over two dozen others!

This all-new show was held across three levels at the American Dream Mall, the second largest mall in America, with one level completely devoted to meeting the special guests for autographs and photo ops (provided by BG Entertainment). However the main floor also hosted an appearance by actors Shaun Weiss & Thomas Ian Nicolas (below)! And with autograph witnessing & authentication services on-site by PSA and JSA, you can rest assured that your time collecting autographs in-person is well-spent all weekend long!

AutographFest also brought in the best memorabilia dealers in the area to Levels 1 and 3: The Cardboard Heavyweights, Anything But Commons, Santiago Sports, The Breaking Factory, The Slab Exchange, Card Hunters, Hurley Hobbies, J Wong Boutique, and hundreds more! We’re talking about all kinds of sports & non-sports trading cards: sealed wax, boxes, singles, graded cards, signed cards, relics & patches, pop culture & comic book cards…

Not to mention video games, jerseys, helmets, balls, signed posters, various replicas, and even comic books!

Graded collectible enthusiasts were also able to submit to PSA at the show, as well as quickly growing brands ISA and LOC. But if you’re hoping to walk away with a few slabs, AutographFest is definitely the place for you! There are tons of opportunities to make a deal, strike a trade, or simply take a chance on a mystery slab or two.

While a majority of the vendors specialized in sports cards and memorabilia, there was still a decent presence of non-sports. Looking for the latest releases from Pokemon like Brilliant Stars? It was there! The newest promo cards? Yes! And with an endless amount of ways to protect your collectibles, from card sleeves to bulk storage, AutographFest’s got you covered. Slab protectors like GradedGuard and Slabmags were even offering additional protection for your valuables:

Meanwhile on the main stage on Level 1 there were a number of events, from streams to case breaks to giveaways… anything & everything pertaining to the hobby! And did we mention that since it’s built into the mall, AutographFest is completely free to attend & take full advantage of one of the biggest trading card shows in the region?

The very first AutographFest was an unforgettable experience and things are only going to get bigger & better! If you’re a trading card fan, sports memorabilia collector, autograph enthusiast, or all of the above, you’ve got to check out Probstein123’s next AutographFest which is slated for Fall 2022! Keep your eyes peeled for guest & vendor announcements coming soon!

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