My Top 5 Super Bowl LVII Commercials

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for their 38-35 win against the Philadelphia Eagles at Super Bowl LVII! And with an exciting Apple Music Halftime Show with Rihanna, the only other thing needed was an iconic line of commercials… Check!

This year’s Super Bowl commercials ran as high as $7 million per 30-seconds and included big name advertisers like Frito-Lay, Google, Pringles, Uber,, T-Mobile, and Heineken. But here are my 5 favorite ads from 2023’s selection, in order of appearance on air!

Did you have any favorites this year?

1. The Flash Trailer

As far as Super Bowl movie trailers go, this one took the cake! It looks like a visual spectacle with amazing character introductions (and re-introductions!). Releases June 16, 2023!

2. Dunkin’ Drive-Thru with Ben Affleck

I remember seeing the behind-the-scenes photos & videos of this on social media. We all know Ben loves Dunkin’ so it was really fun to see him surprise & interact with customers!

3. Miles & Keleigh Teller

Yes, it was a Bud Light commercial. Yes, it was Miles Teller & his wife Keleigh Teller. But seeing them make the most of being put on hold with customer service was just gold!

4. Crown Royal and Dave Grohl

When Foo Fighters & Dave Grohl teased this ad, I knew I had to catch it on live television! I may be biased but what’s not to love?

5. Tubi Pranks the Super Bowl

Possibly airing during the weirdest and tensest moment of the night, Tubi pranked America with an ad that gave the impression that someone was changing the channel. It was so real, and so were the arguments it instigated in living rooms all around the country! Hilarious!


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