MagicCon: Philadelphia 2023

Following last year’s 30th anniversary celebration of Magic: The Gathering in Las Vegas, the next stop for Wizards of the Coast and ReedPop was Philadelphia! Taking over the Pennsylvania Convention Center, MagicCon was a weekend filled with all things Magic including special guests, panels, exclusive merchandise, art, cosplay, and tournaments.

From February 17-19, attendees had access to the biggest Magic: The Gathering event around, complete with a “Magic Marketplace” show floor, Official Merchandise Store, “Art Of Magic” artist alley, and dedicated areas for Free Play, Command Zone, Tournaments, and Pro Tour.

Not only is MagicCon for players but collectors, too! With over 30 exhibitors in the Marketplace, many were card vendors who were selling singles, decks, sealed products, and supplies, with some even offering cash for your hot cards! Fan-favorite exhibitors like Journey’s End Games and Strike Zone made it easy to get an appraisal, as well as popular Whatnot channels like Card Shop Live, who was streaming all weekend long:

And even though Admission included some freebies (for both adults & kids), you could explore the VIP options which takes your MagicCon experience to the next level! We’re talking about a exclusive sleeves, playmat, and deck box, convention boosters, and so much more! But part of what makes MagicCon truly immersive are the amazing fan activations. The entrance alone boasted a giant Skyship Weatherlight display, in addition to the multitude of character statues and “Planeswalker Lairs” all throughout the con which even incorporated professional cosplayers to make the experience even more authentic:

And, of course, there were many fans who were also cosplaying all weekend long! You could find them posing for pictures, browsing for deals, and even entering the Cosplay Contest (hosted by Riley Knight) for a chance to win the “Best In Show Award” of $4,000!

It was a packed house and all eyes were on the Main Stage as we heard each contestant’s story, inspiration, and art direction / process. And with an entire section devoted to the “Art Of Magic”, there’s more where that came from! Fans were thrilled to meet over two dozen Magic artists, get a chance to talk about their favorite pieces, and maybe get a few things signed!

Artists like John Avon, Justine Jones, Campbell White, and Marta Nael were there with beautiful booths full of art where you could purchase new pieces or bring your own to get signed. And if art’s your thing, there was a special Magic: The Gathering Art Show across the street at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture and Design! Each day featured a different gallery of MTG art from Phyrexian concept art to Secret Lair art.

MagicCon is a real fan experience and an absolute must for Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts. The next stop for MagicCon is Minneapolis from May 5-7, so be sure to check it out if it’s near you!


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