Woodbridge Pokemon Card & Collectibles Show 2023

New for 2023 is the Woodbridge Pokemon Card & Collectibles Show, branching out from the more comprehensive Woodbridge Card Show. Debuting alongside their all-new Sports Card Show which also launched out of the success of the original Card Show, this single-day Poke-centric show is an absolute must-attend event for any Pokemon fan! Held at the Woodbridge Hampton Inn’s Avenel Room as usual, in addition to the Colonia & Hopelawn rooms, you can expect 65+ vendor tables loaded with all things Pokemon:

$5 gets you in the doors for this epic 11am-5pm show, but a $10 VIP admission is available at 9am which gives you first dibs on the most diverse selection of Pokemon memorabilia you’ve ever seen! We’re talking about sealed products like boxes, tins, Ultra Premium Collections, English & Japanese packs, as well as dollar cards, graded cards, mystery packs, and even mystery slabs!

Never have I seen such a vast assortment of Pokemon products! On top of the cards, you can expect to find Pokemon plushies, Funko Pops, playmats, and more. Vendors like Kid Motors, Jwongboutique, A&A Treasures, holoSQ, KNM Collectibles, Parkmonv4, and JB Gaming Labs brought enough products to survive the VIP hours through the end of the day so that everybody’s a winner!

Plus some once in a blue moon opportunities to see art by WOTC_hub (above) and JackSquatJB (below):

And though the show is mostly Pokemon, you could still find other cards like Weiss Schwarz, Dragon Ball, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh, as well as other collectibles like vintage & modern action figures, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and even some sports memorabilia, too!

Lots of deals and trades were going on all around the Hampton Inn, just as you would find at the parent Woodbridge Card Show. It’s not only a great shopping event but a learning opportunity for both young and new collectors. There are lots of fantastic plans for upcoming Woodbridge Pokemon Shows so definitely keep your eyes peeled on their site for future announcements. You won’t want to miss it!


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