CardKing SK&R Card Show (Lehigh Valley)

The CardKing SK&R Card Show was a two day event held at the Lehigh Valley Hotel in Bethlehem, PA on March 4-5, 2023. Trading card vendors were set up in the Crest, Muhlenberg, and Lafayette rooms with dozens of tables. Among them you were able to find modern & vintage graded sports cards & singles, autographed cards, entertainment cards, and even TCG like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering.

Admission to the CardKing show was free and the show hours ran from 10am-9pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. Vendors were constantly filtering in and out, but it’s always beneficial to arrive as early as possible to get the best deals from the tables that are set up and ready to go!

Some vendors were even accepting trades and buying collections, so feel free to bring the cards you’re looking to move! Small card shows like this are also great for young & beginner collectors to ease them into the hobby. So if you’re in the Lehigh Valley area, be sure to check their website for upcoming show dates!

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