Greenberg’s Great Train & Toy Show (Edison, NJ)

Greenberg’s Great Train & Toy Show is one of Great American Train Shows’ many train shows held coast-to-coast, from New Jersey to California and everywhere in between! On March 11 & 12, 2023, the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center was home to its Edison edition, featuring nearly 500 tables of trains, accessories, and other collectibles.

For only $12 at the door, you gain access to over a hundred vendors specializing in all things trains. We’re talking about various train scales & types like freight cars & diesel locos, as well as tracks, circuits, modular tables, control kits, and even rail line memorabilia like apparel, commemorative photos, maps, and signage! Tons of booths were also stocked with terrain, loose turf, and other scenics to make sure your setups are as accurate as possible! Plus a number of tables were filled with scale model buildings, rock molds, color kits, neon signs, and all the tools for you to do it the right way!

Great American Train Shows are for all levels of train enthusiasts! Plenty of kids were dressed up as conductors, enjoying the beginner trains, wooden play sets, and pop culture train collectibles like The Polar Express, Thomas & Friends, and The Hogwarts Express. And you can rest assured there’s going to be a little bit of everything for everyone with the nation’s best exhibitors like The Train Doctor, Brady’s Train Outlet,, East Coast Train Parts, JLM Trains, and Star Hobby… just to name a few! Not to mention the massive displays & instructional DVDs, tutorials, books, and magazines to show you how it’s done!

Greenberg’s Great Train & Toy Show even carried non-train toys & collectibles like Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars, Star Wars action figures, Beanie babies & other plushies, sports trading cards, comic books, Lego minifigures, enamel pins and a limited supply of video games, too. All this and more while enjoying some Stella’s Empanadas serving up treats during the show hours of 10am-4pm each day! Check the Great American Train Show website for all upcoming events!


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