SPRING PLAY: NYC Game Expo 2018

Playcrafting held their second SPRING Play: NYC Game Expo on May 3, 2018 in the Microsoft building in Times Square.


Well, if you’re a fan of video games, card games, or board games then you’re going to want to mark your calendars because over 100 new games were represented at the Expo this year. Not only is it a forum for you to preview games that have yet to hit the market, but a way for you to give feedback directly to the developers!

The room was filled with laptops, Xboxes, Nintendo Switch consoles, televisions, smartphones… and virtually every other way you play games today!

Board games and card games were also a favorite throughout the duration of the event. Here’s developer Maskmaker Productions testing out their card game ”Never to Return” with an attendee:

There were so many interesting games spread across the show floor. And with over 800 attendees, you might expect it to get crowded – but it didn’t!

Because tickets are designated with a specific time slot, there were waves filtering in and out throughout the night.

And when you needed a breather, there was complimentary pizza and soda out in the lounge area!

Pizza & games sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

But we’re just getting started!

I enjoyed seeing the tactile games. Some vendors had live demos of their board games, others were selling collectible buttons to promote their game…

But as you walk around, you’ll quickly realize that there’s never a dull moment. Everyone was engaged and interested in the developers’ spiel or even just watching someone else demo the games.

Check out this young boy playing some AR/VR games:

It was great to see that Playcrafting was making the most of the space provided by Microsoft.

Not only was the conference room utilized but also the hallway along Times Square!

You really felt the energy and excitement as all kinds of gamers gathered, from novice to expert.

And while some experiences were more immersive than others, you still walked away with a great time.

In fact, if you were lucky, you could’ve even walked away with some sweet New York Comic Con merch! Though they weren’t exhibiting a game per se, you had the opportunity to win some NYCC swag like a notebook or a water bottle!

On my way out, I got to watch some kids play Red Hot Ricochet by Wyatt Yeong. It stood out to me because it was one of the few games that utilized 4 players. Though I didn’t get to try it myself (since it attracted a moderate crowd), it was a lot of fun to watch.

Afterwards, everyone was invited to the After Party at the Iron Bar! There were drinks, apps, and even more games!

SPRING PLAY: NYC Game Expo was a ton of fun and Playcrafting holds these expos once in a while so if you’re interested, definitely check out their website for more information and my video at the end of this post!

And for a list of participating game developers, visit the event page here.

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