It’s A Toy Show At Farpoint 2019

The 12th annual “It’s A Toy Show At Farpoint” by southern New Jersey’s own Farpoint Toys & Collectibles and It’s A Toy Store was held on May 25, 2019 with dozens of vendors selling vintage and modern toys & collectibles. Ranging anywhere from G.I. Joe, board games, Power Rangers, trading cards, LEGOs, Star Wars, vinyl records, and tons more, lots of hidden gems could be found all around the Farpoint store grounds.

From 9am-4pm, collectors lined up all around to scour through the booths for the best finds of the day! And for a limited time, the cars from The A-Team, The Dukes Of Hazzard, and Starksy & Hutch were also on display right out front for close-ups and photo ops!

It was a beautiful day too, which made staying outside much more enjoyable. We had a blast talking to vendors like Emily Seningen & her rock art, and Boba Fettish (a vendor completely dedicated to all things Boba Fett)!

If you’re looking for a local toy show that has a lot to offer and vendors who are collectors just like you, look no further! Not only did the vendors know what they were talking about, they were really there to help you find what you’re looking for too. It was a fantastic experience and chock-full of collectible goodness. And food truck Grubbin’ Gringos was also there serving up their Latin/American comfort food fusion!

Special thanks goes to the crew at Farpoint Toys & Collectibles for hosting yet another great show that is always free to attend and free to vend. Plus, it’s just an all-around awesome store to check out! If you’re interested in attending or tabling at their next show, be sure to contact them directly at

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